Are Steelers going to win another Super Bowl this year?

I say yes.


Yep. :wink:


of course…

NO!! They might not even win today!!! 7-0 CHIEFS!

Colts all the way :wink:

Nick how do you fall to the KC Chiefs? :wink:

It’s like a bad nightmare.

LOL Someone tell me if the Colts one. I missed the last few mins.

Not only won’t they win the Super Bowl, they won’t even make the playoffs. And after a loss to KC, they don’t deserve to go to the playoffs.

You guys know the NFL is rigged, don’t you?

I mean, c’mon.

I am still strugeling with last year.:wink:

NO :smiley:

By playing the way they did…

I watched a lot of football today, and came away appalled at the total stupidity of so-called NFL caliber coaches and players.

I think we need to have an 8-team league made up of the elite of the entire NFL. Play each team twice for positioning (14 games) and then a play-off elimination round of three games (4 games, 2 games and the Championship). Then we might see some real football.

Even the Stupor Bowl has become less that quality football.

(The remainder of the NFL would be playing for experience and the better players would be drafted into the Elite League. College players would receive their professional training in this “lesser league”.)

But that’s just my opinion–and I’m quite ignorant, you know. (Ask my kids)

The Steelers are right where they need to be. Wild card contenders.

Okay, I feel better now. :wink:

Do you really think the Bengals are going to win that division?

Six games to go and that’s enough for the Steelers to catch and pass them. (The Bengals would win the division if they were to tie with wins.)

Nah, Ruthlessrottenburger got a concussion… plus he went on that stupid show Shaq tried to do. Those 2 together make for a new Madden jinx.


No…Patriots and Saints.

They’re** both** going to win???

No…both will be in the SuperBowl with Drew winning his first championship after the Pats go for it on 4th down on their own 8 yard line and get stuffed…:wink: