Are there standards for stipping cable?

Here are a couple of pictures that concern me. The first one shows the service connected to the main disconnect. The insulation was stripped correctly, but there is a significant amount of exposed conductor. Just wondering if there are any standards for this.

The second picture shows an additional problem. Not only is the length is excessive, the cable has been doubled and has visible corrosion. The corrosion is enough for me to call it out.



Hello Gregary:

You can tell by the cut that a certified electrician did not do this.
Yes there are requirements for proper amount of sheathing showing.
However we cannot mention what a code allows unless we are code officials and some cases the code will not.
Some breakers have written info on the proper installation including length to remove for sheathing.
Rule of thumb is no more then a 1/4 inch passed connection but only for visual to see if it is loose.

As far as the lug is concerned this is no different than a double tap.

If you don’t mind ( I know I am not here much anymore ) I would like to comment on the torque of the breaker. I notice that the one with the corrosion has a set screw that is not turned into is setting as much as the one beside it…would lead me to think the conductor is loose, on load arcing takes place which adds to the problem.

Now I don’t know this for fact…it is only an observation but notice the number of threads on the black conductors termination lug than on the red one. Sure looks like it was not properly torques to me…and to be honest with you that can be a problem. As was mentioned before it would be nothing different than a double lug for your review BUT with the corrosion and possible torque ( which can lead to a safety issue so don’t feel bad about ASSUMING in that case) …have it looked at as I also see discoloration around the plastic ( ps. Plastic does not corrode) so something else is going on and my guess would be a loose connection as well.

Again…I hate commenting via pictures but it would cross my mind…just a thought.

Hi Paul, Thanks for your observations. I did call is a safety concern with many other issues (not posted) to be evaluated by a licensed electrical contractor. BTW, I did watch your video on how to prepare for the electrical exam. I have a few suggestions…as I recently passed the WI code exam. But my HI clients don’t know that. I appreciate your comments and respect your opinion. THANKS!

Is there anything to be said about the bottom breaker. Set screw is turned all the way in, almost counter sunk, and the wire looks like it should be in my chevy truck.