Breaker conductor connection

Inspecting this panel and noticed not only the two screws with arc/scorch marks on them but all of the breakers (except the AFCI), had the conductors fastened just with the screw and not behind the metal plate. Seems to me they should be screwed down behind the plate and screw. Can’t these come loose in time?

Those are an older style of circuit breaker. The wire is designed to go straight in. There is a small piece of intergral plastic to the left and right of the screw head that the wire should be under.


How much corrosion rises to the level of concern or call for action?
I saw this one on Wednesday.
Corrosion on the neutral lugs. I didn’t consider it a concern worthy of action, but noted it in the report.


It looks/appears like the conductor termination is pinched out from being anywhere under the head of the screw. The conductor is not under the plastic conductor retainer. Even the corrosion atop the screwhead gives way for concern. No melted insulator though.
plastic retainer mold

Hard to tell from the photo but you could be correct. The wire should be under the screw head and against the plastic nub.

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Personally Lon, I call out any corrosion I see in a panel, and if it’s not a problem, let the Sparky sign off on it stating so.