Are you running a home inspection school?

We will give you all your inspection textbooks and materials totally free, no charge. Please contact me if you are interested

Count me in.

also interested

Me too.

Wow, what home inspection schools are you guys running? :shock:

Thank you Larry.

I also would like to know what type of home inspection schools you guys have?

Probably none, but they could be affiliated with or teach at schools and are looking for new materials to peruse through to see if it’s something worth using.

Just a thought.


Specifics would help EH!:slight_smile:

ummmmm…like, ya-aa.

And a good one Mic. BTW - Thanks for the referral - it worked out OK (after a postponement).

I am a Home Inspection Licensing Instructor at the American Real Estate School here on Long Island.

We sent you a huge box today Bill.

Thanks Nick - As usual iNachi Rocks!:slight_smile:

Larry WOW, I don’t run an Inspection school, I didn’t say I did. I said I was interested in the post by Claire (Nachi rep who has alot to offer). I’m an ex builder who just went out of business after 24 years. The banks that got bailed out didn’t bail me out. I had close to $10 million in properties foreclosed on. I just recently got my inspectors license in texas. So You’re "wow what HI school do you run"doesn’t embarras me, I’ve been thru alot more then your BS (but hopefully someday i can get to 6000 posts like you and 8000 posts like David, **NOT. **I inquired to Claire because as a custom homebuilder in San Antonio I had model Homes where I hosted free presentations/classes to many Real Estate offices on Homebuilding/ construction etc. So as an Inspector now I am still interested in some kind of classes (even if for marketing purposes) possibly approved by the San Antonio Board of realtors for continuing education for my following (hopefully for free) thus my interest in the free offerings by Nachi that I am a member of and shouldn’t have to be insulted by you another member of Nachi. Get my Drift?

Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed!

I think he’s always grouchy Dave. Looks like Joe has a fan club:p:p

Relax, Joe, we’re one big happy family here.

Life’s too short, enjoy yourself.

WOW! :shock:

Awesome reputation…A so-called builder who can’t build homes.

Larry and Dave sorry if I took it wrong, But Dave I can Build houses, did for 24 years, before things crashed. The crazy guy(fan club) you’re referring to was obviously a disgruntled pyscho. I’m sure we’ve all had customers to some extent that were ridiculous. The guy has cost me six figures in attorneys fees and other costs. He copycatted my website, which I no longer have up. I have had a restraining order against him. But the restraining order didn’t include taking down his website, because of freedom of speech. Which gave him a free pass to lie and make up things as much as he pleased.
After things crashed I couldn’t afford to fight him anymore. This doctor has a lot more money than me at this point. hopefully none of you get someone like him harrassing you, stalking you and poisoning your life for 3 years. It obviously has been a big strain on me and my family. So Larry as you say we are a big family here so give me a break. I don’t need a hassle with ya’ll I’ve enjoyed the Nachi organization and tis message board. Thanx, guys , you too Linas, this guy would make you grumpy too.


What you got we can help with?

I’m gonna try to start a class 2/8 or 2/15. Should have 5-6 guys. All but 1 are from other states (New Mexico, Idaho, Nebraska, etc).

Dan Bowers
520 W. 103rd Street #175
Kansas City, MO 64114