Are you scanning electrical the panel

Do you scan the panel during the course of a standard inspection. I have had a big run lately in detecting major problems that would have gone un-detected without the camera. Only detected one problem that would have been noticed with out it. Every thing from loose connections at the weather head to un-even heating on 220-volt circuits for cook stoves and dryers This camera has paid for itself with shower pans and electrical panels. Business is really up.


What camera are you using? I am about to buy a Flir B200.

I have two the basic B-cam and the BX-320 I really like the 320 resolution

Yesterday I found three bad breakers in the same 3 yr old house (all in different panels)!

I R scanning the panels, disconnects, meters, rheostats, SECs, heat strips, j-boxes…finding the more I scan the more I find :wink: