Illinois WDO/Termite Inspections

Does anyone do termite/WDO inspections in Illinois and what are state requirements?

State licensed exterminator. And not all exterminators have a termite inspection license.

I know an exterminator, with multiple employees, but only one of his guys is licensed for termites (not that abundant, up here).

Hope this helps;

Thanks Will,
I do WDO inspections everytime I do an inspection, :wink: I was just wondering if there were requirements in IL in order to advertise it.


I, to, look for evidence of WDO when I do an inspection. But I cannot and will not state that there is or is not WDO because I am not licensed to do so.

Also, many people (financing through HUD) require a termite certificate, which you cannot do unless you are licensed, in Ilinois.

I advertize it, but if the client wants specificity, I sub out to my exterminator friend. I also advertize for Radon, but also sub that out to a company that is licensed.

Kinda like mold. I can state “organic growth, consistant with mold (no sample taken)”, but I cannot state that mold is present or not present (in writing) without a) being mold certified, b) taking samples and c) getting a report on the samples from an accredited lab.

Not trying to slam you, or casting aspersions, but people who do certain inspections without being, specifically, trained and certified or licensed are not acting in accordance with professional ethics or their client’s best interests. Plus they are, stupidly, opening themselves up to a big liability.

Hope this helps;

Will, don’t you look for WDO when you do inspections? It was part of my IL HI required training to get licensed. I started this thread to see if anyone was a licensed IL WDO imspector so I could get info about it.

Sure, I look for WDO. But I will not (and, legally, cannot) state in writing, as an expert (in WDO) that there is or is not WDO.

That, in Illinois, requires a specific license, training and expertise that I do not have.

Hey, you want to do it, I am not (and cannot) stop you. If you want to do it, all I am saying is to get the required licensing.

But, you asked for advice and I gave it.

I sub it out. If I see the signs, I recommend a licensed WDO specialist.

That is all I can do, legally.

Hope this clarifies.

Here is the link given to me from the Dept. of Public Health. Many banks in my area require it, so I too am looking to become licensed. I was told that if you are only inspecting for termites, you only have to take the general test only.

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Sure, I look for WDO. But I will not (and, legally, cannot) state in writing, as an expert (in WDO) that there is or is not WDO.


Where did I say that I was an expert or that i put it in writing? I was asking about HI’s that were licensed in IL.

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Sorry I misunderstood you.

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