Arizona termite certification

No actually it’s based on my own observations of realtors actions over the past 5 plus years…

I cannot count how many times that I’ve seen or heard a realtor state to customers …
With WDO inspections performend by experienced pest control guys .
“Thats BS, the house was inspected last year we’ll call another inspector that I work with” …

And actually had one state to their customer with me there.
" If you used my HI inspector the WDO report would of been free".
Fortunately that one didn’t wash… a few weeks later the customer called me and was using another realtor and called the established company that I suggested they call…

With appraisers… Same exact thing if the appraisal didn’t come in at asking price.

Point is… The only way to get WDO inspections is marketing to realtors and the only benefit of a HI doing WDO inspections is appeasing the realtors…

If you don’t give the results the realtor needs your just another HI and WDO inspector phone number in the trash can… Why put your self in that position for a few measly $s with the additional liability that your exposed to?

Facts are, an experienced WDO inspector with thousands of inspections experience will find something a new HI inspector with 80 hrs HI training and 30 paralel inspections and a 2 day WDO training course will not.

Facts are… if you miss something the 1st thing the realtor will do is tell the customer to call the BTR…
Are you willing to risk your HI license for a $0 -60.00 or ? WDO fee???

Are you going to the ITA thingy tonight???

  1. Yes see you tonight. :smiley:

  2. The BTR has no say in WDI inspections.

  3. My web pages seems be drawing in both termite and HI’s.

  4. A few measly dollars times 200 odd inspections adds up old chum.:smiley:

  5. I have insurance and try not to miss anything.

  6. Many expierenced WDI inspectors are on site less the 15 minutes and do not go in the attic.

  7. Since when did you start listening to Realtors???:stuck_out_tongue: