NYS WDO (termite) Certification

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I’m in NYC. How do I become certified to do termite inspections? Can this be done online with internachi? Any info would be helpful. The NYSDEC website I found was not helpful.

Need to take NY State 30 hr course. Can do online at Pested.com. With books cost about $1k if i remember correctly ??
Then need to take 2 tests at same time , but they are only given certain times a yr . You can also call some exterminating companies - some offer classes instead doin on line.
Of course you have to oay for exam and then 3 yr license with continue ed credits every 3 yrs.
You need a Technician license not an Applicator license.
The course is broken down into General pesticide course and then Subcategory of 7C for termites. Go to Pested.com for a better breakdown. Call them also if need be. Helped me out yrs ago

Thanks. That was a big help.

You do not need a license or certification in NY to inspect for wood-destroying insects. As long as you are not trying to identify the type of insect and not trying to recommend a particular treatment… no license or certification is needed in NY.

Very interesting. Can home inspectors fill out HUD form NPMA-33 in NY without a NYSDEC termite technician license. The home buyer might require that form.
Thanks in advance.

You know I never like being unsure about telling you guys that you don’t need a license, so I always have staff get it in writing. Here it is: http://www.nachi.org/images2012/States/NY/NYSDEC-WDO-InterNACHI-Certification-1.jpg

During my NYS required & approved training, I was told that as a home inspector I could only provide a termite inspection for a fee to a client that was using a conventional form of financing - providing I completed the INACHI WDO training. Any other financing required a NYS certified tech to inspect.

The link that Nick provided is asking the NYSDEC an ambivilant question in my opinion and it does not ask the state if certification or licensing is required by the state to perform a pest inspection (termite) for a fee. Rather as I read it, the question inquires if a home inspector is allowed to disclose findings of pest intrusion to clients. Not specifically as a for fee service.

As now I’m not certain what the definitive answer is, I places a call to the NYSDEC and left a VM for someone that I was directed to. Will post my findings when I finally connect with them.

Inspectors here in NY always argue this topic. Seems no one has a confirmed answer from the state. BUT ask yourself this -"when i get sued, and my E&O insurance wants proof if my WDO certification AND the client’s lawyer asks the same thing in front if the judge at civil court - whaddya gonna say??
Same reason why NY finally started to mandate home inspectors to have a license after many many yrs of not
Dont bring a knife to a gunfight - bring a bigger gun. 😆

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Your E&O won’t cover WDI inspections without a specific rider as WDI inspections are outside the NYS SOP for Home Inspectors.
The DEC requires no training or certification to do WDI inspections, but you’d have to be crazy to do them without proper education.

Just as crazy not having a Rider on your E&O. Too bad we live and plan on getting sued. But its reality.

Hi Chip, did you ever find out any further info regarding this?

I did not. After many,many attempts to have the question answered and many transfers to other people within DEC no one could satisfactorily answer the question. Then business started picking up and it got out on my to-do list. I’ve been sub’in out to a state licensed company. Will pick back up once time allows, it’s a fair amount of money that’s being left on the table.

I may just go through the training to get licensed and not think about it, though. Think the training course is around $2k which is why I haven’t already but in the long run it would be a worth while investment.

Wouldn’t that look a bit unprofessional ? I would still recommend getting a certificate!

For those in NY reading this, home inspectors can do a pest inspection like Nick says, however, home inspectors can not fill out the NPMA-33 form unless they are a licensed commercial pesticide technician or applicator. Most every lawyer seeing an FHA/VA/HUD or USAA loan is going to ask for that form before closing. I know some guys that don’t ask don’t tell and don’t answer the phone after the job, don’t be that guy. Either ask up front the type of mortgage and bring a pest guy to those inspections, or get licensed. My pest profits took off after being licensed, I earn more than it cost monthly just in pest inspections.

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