Arizona to recognize gold and silver as legal currency.

Gettin’ ready for the crash of paper.

How ironic. Her reasoning for the veto (she doesn’t want a reduction in government revenue) is why the dollar is crashing.

Nick is fore warning everyone that dues will now have to be paid in gold or silver lol.

Or bitcoins:

you forgot chickens.

oh man, shipping them (chickens) to the NACHI home office will cost me…

well, my guess is it will cost 5 chickens and a goat to ship 10 chickens for yearly dues.

10 chickens? no way, now were on the haggling system. Maybe 10-12 Cornish hens. But not 10 full size chickens.

7 Pheasants or 3 Grouse?

LOL, I had to google grouse. Now that I know we may be on the same page.

Hope you have a really big yard Nick. And hope the family like to eat birds. :slight_smile: