Arlington, soon after editor and wife buy house they get water in basement

Long article, can get into it all if some like :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
Supposedly, the editor and his wife bought a house and shortly after moving in, they get water in basement…ONE AREA, a CORNER, block wall.

After cleaning the gutters and extending the downspouts to eliminate this problem (lolol!), they decide to get bids from waterproofing contractors. (yeah right, sht sure 80-90% of the time regrading etc solves leaky basements, dream on. lolol)

The companies proposed DIFFERENT work at different prices, ranging from $2,500 to $12,000. (the norm!)

3 companies proposed to correct problem on the outside. B Dry’s proposal LISTED exterior waterproofing as a ‘very costly option’ but B Dry’s estimator never discussed it and its proposal provided no details on how it would be done etc. (Yep, that’s what they do! They’ll tell homeowners its an option but a VERY costly option and then don’t want to talk about it etc because they don’t really do it!!!) lol scammers

Eh since we’re on B Dry, which Nachi inspector(s) highly recommends them?
lolol…anybody know? Bubba knows lolol…what a bunch O crap.

Back to duh story…
So they really only get 2 bids on exterior waterproofing…eh :wink:

Says some of the company representatives spent over an hour at their house while 1 spent 2 minutes on the outside, never went inside basement :mrgreen:
(yep, and some will spend 2–4 hours in your home if you let them, shtt, they’ll stay for dinner if ya as em!!!) :mrgreen:

Two companies, Aquaguard and Mid Atlantic, in homeowners view, proposed work that exceeded requirements of the job. lolol
(This happens a lot too…jesus, they say ONLY the CORNER leaks…hello!)

They say BOTH Aqua dorks and Mid Atlantic dorks resorted to aggressive, deceptive sales tactics. (Yep, often done. And we have quite a few who will tell homeowners how good these weasels are, an ACCEPTED PRATICE? Really??? lolol)

See what they say about other bids etc 10, 15 years ago…uh huh.

–See B dry proposed work and cost… 16’ inside and a sump $3,400. lol
Not costly eh? Bulshht, so many are so full of shtt or, just incompetent on this subject. (This proposed work would NOT have stopped water from where it was first coming in)

–Desert Dry…14’ inside pressure relief sht and sump…$2,500
Nope, same as B Dry, would not have stopped further water from coming in.
And they lolol changed their mind on exterior work, duh! Know why? lolol Because again, they really DON’t do exterior waterproofing, they’ll only bring it up, at first they’ll say they do etc but they really do not, hello!! Anybody home?

–MER/Morrison the 2 minute outside estimate lolol…15’ inside junk and sump…$2,800, and nope.

–Mid Atlantic…45’ inside 2 sumps etc, $12,000

–Newborg…excavate, exterior waterproofing 6’ deep by 3’ (hmmm) $3,600

Newborg was hired…apparently in spring there was still some minor seepage, they came back and placed a vapor barrier under deck (??) lol

Supposedly at that point in time, they say problem solved.

Hope so.
If not, the reason(s) they got minor seepage could be…there was some water still trapped in some blocks at that corner OR, if they had more seepage after this was written then could be that Newborg didn’t waterproof enough outside, We would have gone at least 6’ deep of course but 6–7’ in lineat footage/length…not 3’ as Newborg apparently did.

Something like this, at least…and block basement wall with EXTERIOR cracked parging which was WHY and WHERE water first entered INTO the hollow blocks (a lot of water on long, heavy rains). No interior system or sump pumps will fix this and obviously doesn’t stop further water from entering. Nor will regrading, nor will applying Drylok on inside wall, nor will mudjacking the dumb az slab, but many peeps keep believing all the dumb az bs myths and garbage
This cost about $800, give er take 50. Been awhile but…$3,600 Newborg 3’ in length versus THIS, more footage at $800 ish? Yeah sure, may have been a few things in the way outside, tool shed or whatever but come on, still too much but…whatever you want peeps! lol

B Dry gave this nice woman a proposal for a little over $1,500 for an interior system and no sump install either. Eh, ANSWER this question if ya PLEASE lol. Look at the photos, see the MOLD on basement wall? Mold was also on back side of drywall so let me ask those who recommend B Dry or other interior system co’s, how would they, by installing their little inside junk, how would THAT have stopped the water from WHERE it was entering and lolol HOW would that inside system have stopped FURTHER MOLD?
Bubba needs to hear from ya’s, ya experts.
A bit strange they don’t want to, or can’t answer an EASY question!
See it written, claimed on SOME HI’s websites how good they are on leaky basements, foundation repair so…step up and answer the g dang EASY question. lolol

Lots in the article, touch on this…:mrgreen:

THEY say, have a wet basement? Thinking about calling a basement waterproofing contractor? STOP! :mrgreen:

They say, calling a basement waterproofing contractor should be your LAST resort. :-k
They say, if you want more good advice you can call a home inspector or drainage specialist for x–amount. :-k

Really? lol
Do they mean call an HI who recommends inside system companies as quite a few do? ](,)](,)](*,) Careful!

Eh, when ANYONE needs a new roof, or has a problem with furnace or electrical…who do you call? :-k Other than your brother, Dad etc lol

Do you call and pay an HI or handyman to see what they say to do about your roof, electrical, furnace problem…huh? Just saying.

Umm, NO, not saying ‘some’ home inspectors couldn’t help sometimes on this-subject, not saying that at all. Key word is SOME. Yeah sht sure, some HI’s have good past experience in some areas, some did electrical etc so yeah, they may indeed be able to solve the problem or tell a homeowner what they need, what ta do…sure! :wink: Some HI’s are real good man and some are not, least around here there seems to be quite a few HI-terds, Bullwinkles…so in Michigan, peeps you best find a good, honest Nachi inspector, yep.

BUTT as has been shown, some HI’s get paid for recommending 1 or more interior system companies to homeowners so, beware baby.

As many HI’s here know, THIS BUSINESS (waterproofing, foundation repair) is ummm ‘flooded’ #-o with many bogus, misleading, deceptive companies with crooked az owners and crooked or incompetent salespeople so…

…yes, IN PART I’d agree, that SOME people should consider asking a good-honest home inspector about their leaky basement, like quite a few here at Nachi :mrgreen: , so long as they don’t recommend the crooked interior sob’s, if they themselves can’t identify the homeowners problem.

Yeah we know there are crooked, shtty roofers etc but my old stinky azz would guess most people still call roofers when they have a problem, need new roof.
Not like that in this-business, there just tooooo many scumball’s in this business, mostly inside system terds.

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Read story above? :-k
Add this…
Question- I called several contractors and each one proposed a different repair plan…WHY? :-k

Answer-- repair contractors employ estimators who are typically not engineers, using titles such as “certified foundation inspector” or “foundation specialist”. These qualifications are not the same as those of a “PE” (you can say that again :mrgreen:, pfft hardly!), so problem definition and solution can vary…
Typically, these estimators will only propose the type of repair the company regularly offers, IRRESPECTIVE of YOUR situation…

Got that? :mrgreen:

They’re going to try and tell you, sell you the crappy az things they do, whether you need it or not, whether it helps you AT ALL or not, you are…the PREY…got milk?