Hmm, according to Mahesh you don't need to spend $$ on basement waterproofing #-o
Nope. He says all you need TA do is just use a plastic membrane or house wrap and lay it like he did… got milk?

Pumpkin pie hair cutted freak/Dumb and Dumber … Tic Tac sir?

Led Zeppelin/Night Flight drum cover

Well, it probably helps to a point.

How ya doing Mr. Lesieur :wink:

I’d just wish him/anyone else, lotsa luck :mrgreen: …especially if one is selling the home, ouchie.

now whoda thunk it was that simple the man’s going to be a billionaire…

Mr. McKee :wink:
the inside system turds may incorporate this with their other junk, got milk?

That’s a whole lot of stupid. Good luck with that buddy.

Mr. Frank :wink: :mrgreen:

Why couldn’t he, others who do-attempt this kind of stuff, INSTEAD say something like,
'I have a leaky basement and this is (the platic membrane etc) my idea on how I think may help/attempt to solve, my leaky basement, i’m no expert on this subject and had several companies come over for estimates/solutions that I did not like"… ya know?

Something like that instead of, 'You don’t need to spend money on basement waterproofing"… which is an az nine/rookie statement.

Wonder what Mahesh thinks of THIS, link-photos… which is pretty much what he attempted…
A NEW driveway, $$$… just like HIS plastic membrane, ummm, a little thicker huh :wink:

And there was concrete UNDER the new concrete/drive… and a drain looool.

They also caulked/tarred along the edge of house-driveway and applied Drylok on inside basement wall… still leaked, more efflorescence etc. Cost of this job which totally took care of the problems/leaks… about $3,200 VERSUS $6,000–7,000 for the dumb az new driveway!!

That’s beeeeeeeeeecause, nobody correctly identified/diagnosed the actual problems which would have led them to the… ONLY solution!

Friggin amazing, how an honest, very experienced waterproofing contractor barely gets any calls, jobs VERSUS, the crooks, the scumbags who get just about all of the calls, something is definitely screwed up around here. Not crying, just stating another fact, biiiatches.

Did an inspection 2 weeks ago and the seller and his buddy were finishing up an interior water management system on one wall.

I asked them to run the sump pump but they said the glue on the PVC wasn’t dry yet.

I told the buyers that the problem won’t be solved but the water will get pumped out, I also said call a real waterproofer if you want an expert opinion.
Problem is, the beaver system guys advertise as real water mitigation guys.

Paul, do you know if the seller, or his bud, own or work for, an interior system company? No biggie, just wondering.

And, was the basement/walls… finished? Could you see the wall, could you see whether there was 1 crack or leaky rod hole(s) etc?

If it was a block or brick wall then, the likely problem(s) was cracks(s), other possible openings on the outside of that wall or possibly, 1 or more exterior openings ABOVE the basement wall and NO interior system fixes/waterproofs/repairs any of these… would not hold up in court that, the basement was ‘waterproofed’, the existing defects/problems were not correctly/properly/honestly fixed.

Least not if one of us were there, representing the buyers. :wink: :mrgreen:

I would say, show… something like this to judgie etc…
Do you see the water that CONTINUES to enter the basement your honor, through the block walls… ya see?
Ya see more mold and efflorescence on the basement walls your honor?
Ya see some cracks widening your honor? … Huh?
That’s because sir, the interior basement water management system did NOT fix/repair/waterproof the actual existing defects in the basement walls, on the outside hence, water continues to enter those cracks etc and more mold/efflorescence on the blocks because of this

They either lied-to the homeowner, misrepresented the actual problems and only real solution for those problems or didn’t give one shtt, were fraudulent on what they told, sold to homeowner.

Somebody, you… your honor or…anybody lol, tell us all,was this basement ‘waterproofed’ by installing that shtty interior basement system?
Same goes for any city building inspector was says basements like this, that the city inspected (if a permit was pulled), were ‘waterproofed’… nonsense! Incompetent nonsense!

B Dry was over here, told this homeowner they needed a B Dry system installed, that it was THE SOLUTION to their problems, leaks.

One photo in particular… eyeball this, same house
Jesus folks, the basement wall is bowed in, multiple exterior cracks, open joints, deteriorated blocks etc! How would installing ANY interior system and sump pump fix/repair/waterproof the wall!@!@! looool And these companies (posted earlier link-story) get out of this sometimes by, saying they simply MISDIAGNOSED the problems!?!?! Bulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllshhht
How do you NOT see that the wall has bowed in hence, will have exterior cracks, cracked parging etc… just install an interior system huh B Dry? Friggin joke man.

Only thing Bubb’s has to say about beavers is that they can be our furry-friend… got milk?

Water was coming up from the floor where the floor met the block.

Owner/ seller did the old drain tube set in gravel to a sump basket.

The gutters had 10’ extensions and water was still coming in.

Front of home has an gabled entry, 2 valleys sending water to an almost level yard.

Old well pump room under the entry stoop.

I report but I don’t arrest people impersonating contractors. I kept my comments as observations and when asked said “you really won’t know if that system works until you’ve lived here”.

Hell, it might work to their satisfaction. First time buyers and they loved the home, my second inspection for the same couple.

They won’t love it nearly as much if exterior cracks widen or wall begins to bow in or the water that continues to enter starts causing mold etc inside, they won’t like the price/cost to fix it right at that point when, they had opportunity to bid less now, had they taken the time to understand w tf f is going on. :wink: