"They were going to cover this up and that was going to be waterproofing?"

Caption in-part, she writes, “This is a video of a waterproofing job gone terribly wrong. We hired a company to waterproof our leaking basement, they advised us it HAD TO BE done from the INSIDE… We’ve since learned that this should have and can be done from the outside” Got that? Homeowners words not mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/story?id=131638)
“LOCATE and fix leaks immediately. You MUST FIND the water source and ELIMINATE it”

They do NOT say, as the inside system morons do, to don’t bother taking the time to find the water source/problem and it’s fine to allow the water to continue to enter and re-route it along perimeter and into a stupid sump pump.

Interior knotheads don’t know or don’t care about where the water is actually entering, no they don’t! They will come to your house and tell you one or more lies, misrepresentations of what you have and what you supposedly need and it’s always an interior butthead system.

Some homeowners get water in basement ONLY because they have 1+ exterior openings under/around a basement window or door or above grade in their chimney. shttt like that. Well duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you MUST take the time to find how/where the water is getting in and NOT just go to people’s home and not bother to locate/find the source/problem and instead tell them all they need is a stupid, piece of crap interior water DIVERTING system and sump pump.

Prime examples of knothead companies who installed an interior system when the homeowners problems are exterior cracks, cracked parging and some openings above grade and so they did not stop the water and did not stop mold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KFycoizC84)

Again, in this video an interior basement drainage system was installed, did it stop the water from entering which would have stopped mold? Noooooooo! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9uobsggb5M)

Ya think there’s a mold, efflorescence problem in this basement? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HALcgt9ho2M)
She had multiple exterior cracks, cracked parging on the outside of her foundation walls, as usual!
AND… it COST $10,000 LESS than had she hired an interior system company!

BUYER moves in house where the seller had an interior system installed costing $$$$$$$$$, still leaks, mold, efflorescence etc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuhoPPs3YDI

Buyer hires us to waterproof his ACTUAL, existing problems and to relieve/lessen the weight-pressure against the foundation wall… this is what WAS needed allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll-along, it is what should have been done before, it’s what should have been done INTEAD of bs’ing the seller and installing that piece of junk interior system!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq_o7C6KMUA

These interior system liars are all over, just about all states and up in the great white north and they want YOU to call them for a suppppppppppppppppppppppppposed honest estimate, pfffttttttttttttt, watch the hllll out is all I can tell ya, don’t bend over, got that?

Being a waterproofing contractor I see this same thing way too often. Unfortunately, in Northeast Ohio, these companies that do this interior dewatering system have virtually taken over the waterproofing business. With there big advertising budgets and professional salesman that pressure the customers, it’s hard to compete with them. Many times the homeowner doesn’t do there research and falls prey to one of these dewatering systems. The true waterproofers usually end up getting called after the issue becomes structural and is going to cost way more that it would of it they’d had the basement repaired the right way the first time. It’s an unfortunate situation and I’ve seen it many times. Many times trying to educate the homeowner does nothing except makes them think I’m trying to get them to spend more money than they need to.
Basement Waterproofing & Stamped Concrete | DiFranco Contractors

Yes sir.
As you said, AFTER some homeowners hire these nitwit interior drainage system companies, AFTER they give them $10,000, $20,000 and sometimes more… THEN they take time to seek out the few honest, experienced waterproofing contractors.

Some homeowners ONLY have one crack, one leaky area and so they could have spent much LESS and stopped the water with exterior waterproofing yet they continue to magically believe n trust the incompetent inside drainage system chumps. These chumps get quite a bit of help (recommendations) from some city inspectors, some home inspectors, some realtors, some in the media which also screws the few honest contractors out of possible work.

Yes sir, well aware of the many interior system water-diverting bubbleheads in Ohio, Michigan is a very close 2nd on my list of these scamming morons… do you know/hear-of, Integrity Waterproofing in Ohio? Just wondering.

I’ve heard of the company Integrity but haven’t seen them around. Seems like they’re from the west side of Cleveland and I’m on the east side. Is that you John?

I’m a small company that’s been in business for over 20 years. I was mentored in this business by my father and uncles who were in the Basement waterproofing business. They were all Italian immigrants and took great pride in there work. Unfortunately, they’re all retired now and I’m the only one left from my family doing the work.

Today is a different era fro waterproofing contractors. It’s hard to compete with the system companies who have they’re fast talking salesman, fancy websites, telemarketers, and big advertising budgets. Seems like the little guys like us only get a small percentage of the work. Usually, we get do redo there work when it turns into a structural issue and the system companies don’t want anything to do with it because it’s complicated. It’s unfortunate but it’s the way it is.Basement Waterproofing & Stamped Concrete | DiFranco Contractors

My mommy’s uncle’s lover, George Tire-Biter had them do an interior before they left on a 2 week vacation.
The place & piano were a little moldy when they returned home. A compliant was made - they came out right away & used 14 rolls of paper towels to wipe it away!
They’re so happy (and dumb) now!

Stay Warm Mark! :mrgreen:


Marcus GGGGGG! lol

Last I heard, a guy named Steve is/was the owner of Integrity, not us, no sir.

J Bubber is just a name i dreamed up one day lol, my name is Mark Anderson, we are in Michigan… videos below are a few of us
I’m an old fukk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INFPk66SG1g) another homeowner previously hired an IDIOT interior system company, see the piece of junk system that did not stop the water from entering, didn’t stop mold etc… and then see on the outside of the wall 3:15 one of the multiple exterior cracks that interior systems don’t repair/waterproof, loooooool they are such incompetent FOOLS!

And this is us, see the deteriorated parging, the openings/holes where the gas line enters :50 and where the water line enters 1:10 … again as you know Gianni installing ANY type of interior system and sump pump does NOT ever repair/waterproof any of these exterior cracks/openings where the water enters and often causes some mold or efflorescence on parts of interior basement wall and of course these walls will deteriorate, crumble, bow in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b590J2E6he8)

Have never said we are perfect but we have never screwed anyone, never bs’d em, never overcharged them etc, NOPE!!! 40 years.

And this is us, my nephew used to take some videos This homeowner had Everdry out, they told him he needed an interior system and gave him two estimates $15,000 and $27,000… he ONLY had one crack in wall and some deteriorated rod holes…all in the same small area, we did the job (what he truly needed) for $1,400 ish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLzdt6wkS24)

So yep, we are just a handful of hard working dogs, honest as anyone on the planet and 40 years in this business, lic and ins, yes sir. A few may not like the way i talk, the words i now use here or in videos, to them i say, WATCH the videos, THINK, and then if you have any common sense you’ll see who is full of crap, who is screwing over homeowners

IMO the only chance the few of us honest sob have is to educate, take videos and show them over and over and also show them videos of some of the interior system companies estimates and how they tried screwing over homeowners as in the last video I posted.

Say it again for the nth time, interior basement system, drainage companies are misleading, incompetent, they misrepresent most if not all homeowners actual problem(s) and solution for… self gain, in my experienced opinion that is FRAUD! For others, see this video, see the stupid incompetent interior MIRA DRAIN system installed??? HOW the holy hlll does this piece of junk repair/waterproof the actual problems on the outside of the wall?? (See above videos of exterior cracks, holes etc duhhhhhh! lol) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kG5uNpCzAX8)

And Gianni, as i said in last post imo we must try and educate, take the time as this guy John M did in this basement waterproofing article…
John McEwen

Yes sir, a lot there, FACTS… UNLIKE what homeowners hear from the inside system companies eh!!!

Just a few things for now from John’s article…all true
-------Waterproofing an existing home
-excavate to footing etc etc and BACKFILL with clean STONE, not a piddly 6 inches, the whole thing!

-------What ISN’T a waterproof membrane
drain clad
system platon, heavy plastic mats with bumps on one side

--------From the Inept to the Out and Out SCAMS
…and then there exists an entire cadre of out and out FRAUD ARTISTS who will simply sell you an open trench in the basement with holes drilled into the wall. If you see the WORDS, "water control, “No messy outside digging” or “Sub drain system”, pay attention. If your building department has abrogated it’s this is what CON MEN are allowed to do to your home

I think this guy is the biggest crook of them all.

He’s ripping out an interior system another contractor installed to install another interior system the right way. If you look at the wall it’s displaced and starting to show movement which means it’s becoming a structural issue. He even mentions it in the video and leads you to believe his system will fix it. And people probably trust this guy! Just another interior dewaterer!

[quote=“Gianni_DiFranco, post:9, topic:120972”]

I think this guy is the biggest crook of them all.

Yes sir.
Here he is (Hydro Armor), bad review from a homeowner…two videos from homeowner, caption in-part says, “Dan is a con artist, substandard work, Dan drinks a lot of beer when operating equipment… the hard working Mexicans he exploits would do better without him”

same homeowner, inside basement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdnrUnk29N4)

Imo, have seen MANY bad contractors in this business, Dann-O included.