Armoured cable bonding strip

Ok talked to an electrician today and this guy is by the book and regarded as one of he best around. He said the bonding strip in the older Armoured cable is not a bonding strip at all but is there to twist around the insulator or red head to keep it in place. Kinda makes sense due to its small gauge. What are your thoughts, gotta fire up the grill ill check back later.

He’s completely wrong. The bonding strip is there to short each spiral of the armor together to lower the impedance generated during a fault. Holding in the red anti-short bushing is a secondary benefit.

The “older” AC did not have a bonding strip. Newer AC does and installed for the reasons Robert stated. The strip is bent back before it enters the junction box as it is not allowed to enter the box, and I guess you might say it holds the insulator in place but that is not its purpose.

Although there is no reason for it to enter the box I don’t see any prohibition of that practice in the NEC. On some service upgrades I find the strip connected to the neutral bar, most likely from DIY work. :slight_smile:

Some guy like to wrap it around the armor, I prefer to break it off at the redhead.

I like when it’s wrapped back it’s easier to find when trying to determine the type of wire it is for reporting. Thanks guys I was not swayed by his comment but he did have a decent argument as it is a very light gauge and most likely does not touch all the spirals in the cable. I was surprised when he said wiring in a garage below seven foot is considered protected as long as it is correctly installed in a two by four, that is what code considers safe. Well I will continue to suggest drywall or conduit as optimal protection in a garage or shed and show people the many things people hang off exposed wires.

According to my Code Check book it says the bond wire is not to be brought into the box and it references the 2011 NEC 250.1.118.

Maybe you can check on that code reference. I can’t find that reference nor that format in the 2011 NEC.

Sorry 250.118. I didn’t have my glasses on. :slight_smile:

250.118 (8) Armor of Type AC cable as provided in320.108.


250.118 number 8 Armor of Type AC cable as provided in320.108.


I don’t have the NEC book. I am referring to what is written in the Code Check Complete Book 2nd Edition book which references the NEC, so I cannot confirm what the section of the NEC states. See photo of section in the Code Check book.

Yes, it’s right there in your photo but the NEC is silent on this one. Although it would serve no purpose it’s permitted in the box.

The bond strip can be cut off flush with the sheath.

The reference to section 250.118 is only to say the construction of the AC Cable is considered an EGC per the section. Robert and Jim are both 100% correct in there comments. Just remember to always double check what those guides say against the NEC when in doubt.