Lennox Age?

#LB-50527CC. Anyone have this age, got a phone call about it today, but can’t find a number.

Got a call from another member. Will update after i VERIFY this is the correct number.

Looks like 2005

I just looked at a Lennox model GS(or 5)3-70M. I think it was from the 50’s.

If I can’t figure out the date from the serial number, I look for the ANSI date. The furnace will be 1 -3 years younger than the ANSI date. Before about 1980, the ANSI date is not listed. At that point the furnace is 25+ years old and needs to be evaluated by a HVAC contractor anyway.

Called this person back and figured out they had read the wrong number. She got the number off “the white plastic tube coming out that says Lennox on it.” Sorry for any confusion guys. Thanks for calling and offering your help Jae.

The third and fourth digit of the serial number for Lennox is the year manufactured.