Armstrong heat pump -- good or bad?

Hi – I am considering having an Armstrong heat pump installed to replace my current heat pump and would appreciate some advice.

$3895 installed for 3 ton heat pump / air handler (model# 2SHP13LE142/BCS2M42C/20KW/1F89), 20KW heater pack, 13 SEER. Extra $600 for variable speed air handler (Concept 1400)

Warranty is 5 years parts, 1 year labor, 10 years compressor without the variable speed air handler.

5 years parts and labor, 10 years compressor with the var. speed air handler.

This is considerably less expensive than the Trane option -$5200 installed for 3 ton, XR13 13 SEER, 15KW, no variable speed air handler, 5 years parts, 1 year labor, 10 years compressor.

Unfortunately I don’t know much about Armstrong, so I don’t have much of a basis for comparison.


Not familiar with Armstrong but it sounds good. Just make sure of the following:

The 13 SEER rating is probably only true with the variable speed fan option.

If you get a 20kw heater (which sounds too large) they will have to run a 100 amp circuit to the airhandler. You will need at least a 200 amp service for this.

Look into a unit that has an option built in to the thermostat that lets you disable the aux heat until the outside air temp is below the set point you enter ie. 25 or 30 deg. This prevents the heat strips from coming on when someone raises the temp. 3 degrees. Bryant / Carrier has a thermostat that does this. You have to get the optional outside temperature sensor for this feature to work.

Thirty plus years in the HVAC business taught me that there
really isn’t a whole lot of difference between one brand and
another–just its’ installation and mainenance.
I have a three year-old Armstrong Heat Pump and am quite
satisfied. Your quote seems fair.

FYI…Armstrong is a division of LENNOX