Bryant HVAC

Hi. Besides getting multiple estimates, does anyone know of a method to validate pricing for Bryant HVAC equipment for a new residential installation?
I’m just trying to find out the retail price for the hardware - specifically the Model 223A Heat Pump and Model FV4B Variable Speed Coil.


Retail pricing is mostly set by the dealers and always includes installation labor, SEER rating upcharges, warranty terms and profit which varies dramatically.

I paid about 14k for two bryant/carrier heat pumps in 2001 with the FV4A variable speed air handlers, all ductwork, external temp sensors, humidistat type thermostats and manually adjustable duct dampers in all ducts, I think they are rated at 14 seer with the variable speed. One is a 3.5 ton and one is a 3 ton.

This was a very good price at the time, regular pricing was probably around 19k for all of the above at that time around here.

What size unit are you getting?

Thanks for the reply. It’s a 4-ton unit, Bryant 223A. The dealer says it’s 15 SEER, but all the online literature I can find reflects the Model 223A at 13 SEER.

The forced air handler is Model FV4B with 20KW heat elements.

There is no duct work, the existing duct work will be used.

No branch line work, no changes to the registers. The control wiring will be done by the dealer.

Quoted price was $6600.

The SEER rating does go up when you use a variable speed airhandler, not sure how much but 2 could be right on a 4 ton system.

The 20kw strips will need a 100amp 240V circuit. Make sure they have included that in the quote. 10kw or 15kw would work just fine too for aux heat on a 4 ton system.

If other quotes are similar, that must be the going price, you could always try to negotiate another 6-12 months of labor warranty on it.