Arsenic Water Testing

Is arsenic usually tested for in a water potability test? Are potability tests done routinely or only when a problem is suspected - or only when on a private well? Municipal water providers are mandated to test for arsenic, but homeowners on private wells are not.

You will be hard pressed to find any lab that tests for Arsenic in Water!!!

I have done a lot of searches to come up with about 3 that do but it is with a full water analysis… 100+ things checked for and well over $100.00 per. sample.

Good News Though!

PurTest does make an Arsenic in Water Test.
— It will let you SCREEN for Arsenic in Water.—
Costs about $12.99 each & I have only found them on-line.

I will see if Nick could help set something up for us through NACHI.

Or contact:

Bill Agle
National Sales Manager PurTest

Hi Ted,

welcome to NACHI, Arsenic testing is normally only done as part of a comprehesive water test. When I lived up in Mass I used to use New England Radon for all my testing and they do do Aresnic testing, here’s the link:

I hope this helps



Like I said well over $100.00 for their least expensive test that includes Arsenic. “$165.00”

Check out the website I stated above. It will give you information about the test kit. A do it yourself kit that takes 30 min. to complete. Will tell you if the water contains Arsenic and at an estimate of the contaminate level.

I would not be able to find a customer that would be willing to spend $200.00 or more for water testing. I have to pay for my time involved even if I send the test out to a lab.

Jason, I never disagreed that it wasn’t expensive, however if I was inpsecting a property with a well in Mass my average charge was $200 and I never had any complaints.



I didn’t mean to step on anyones toes, that is if I did. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Question though??

How did you earn any profit from charging $200.00 with lab fees of $165.00 + shipping + your time packaging, the package it’s self, time spent shipping (including fuel), time spent returning to the client to give them the results of the test (even with the internet there is time involved), your time spent explaining the lab results.

I know things would have been less expensive several years ago, but still today it would be hard to get someone to spend more than $200.00 for that same service. $35.00 does not pay me for all the extra expenses involved in using a lab that charges that much.

I know we need to train the public. Well the public doesn’t understand that most vehicles are more than 3-5 years old. And that most of us drive either Trucks or SUV’s. If your vehicle falls into any of these three categories, you more than likely are averaging around 16 MPG. You more than likely drive at least 30 miles one way to an inspection. At $3.00 per gal. of gas you just spent $12.00 just to do the inspection. What if you have to meet with the client the next day to give them the report. That’s another $12.00 in gas. Don’t forget the tires, oil, auto insurance, vehicle depreciation, etc, etc.

Sorry, I started to rant about the expenses of doing business, but the public doesn’t understand. They just think about the money going out their pockets.

Hi Jason,

My Average water test was $200, I used to charge $225.00 for the most comprehesive test, plus the lab was only 5 miles from my home so I used to drop off the samples myself on the way home. The same lab also handled by radon testing as well. with the average $200:00 water test and a 2 canister radon test my average testing cost the customer $300:00 with me making around $100:00 from the sampling part of the inspection.



Thanks for the info! I don’t deny that it is tough to talk a homeowner into $200 unless they already suspect a problem. I did a quick search and found the MI DEQ has a brochure on arsenic at: -
It gives arsenic test at $16. I guess the larger $$ is bundled with other tests. The brochure also has a map of where in MI there is arsenic.

I think no. arsenic is not tested in water. There are different methods of arsenic potability test that you can find online.

arsenic speciation

I think no. arsenic is not tested in water. There are different methods of arsenic potability test that you can find online.

arsenic speciation