Water well testing

Does anyone have any recommendations on which water well test kits to buy and where to buy? Any info would be helpful. Thanks

You may well open up yourself to libility issues. If your not trained and/or a chemist, I would stay clear of test kits. Take a sample, send to a lab. Use their protocol and chain of custody. Basic test for bacterias to more complex testing. Look at these sites, Aquacheck (www.Aquacheck-VT.com) or one I just contacted, Accurate Environmental Labs (405. 751-3132) ask for Danny. Training, contact Joseph Farsetta, he has a Certified Well Sampler course.
Hope that helps

I partner with a Local Lab.
I draw the samples and they pick up at my Office
I schedule them to arrive at the Inspection and draw samples themselves.
I use to use BTS Labs
But the Local Lab
is price competitive and timely in delivery.

In most states you need to be state licensed and trained to perform well testing required for a government loan.

Not in PA
I can sub-contract the LAB
to draw samples on-site.
I draw for them following the sampling protocols
and they pick up samples later

Thanks for all the info so far. I had just attended an affiliate fair for realtors and many of them were asking about well water sampling since this is a very rural area. I plan on checking all the info that has been given so far. Thanks

What’s an average well sample going for?

Your Local Lab will provide this info…

I do the same as Joe. Take a sample and bring it to the local lab. I have on about 20 miles from my house. They also handle all my radon.
My charges are
standard water $140.00
Radon water $85.00
Radon air $115.00

Hey Peter,
What contaminates are you testing for in your “standard water” option?
(I believe that is what the OP is after in this thread).

Jeff, the standard test includes
Coliform Bacteria
E Coli Bacteria
This test meets federal primary drinking water standards.

How much are you paying for your test kit for the standard water test?

Bruce, the test kit is free but the lab results are $80
I have used this lab for years, they are small, husband and wife. I stock up on water and radon kits and they bill when the results are emailed to me. No out of pocket money and I’m always ready if someone decides at the last minute they want a test.

At the certification class I took on well water sampling and testing, we were advised by the instructor (Joe Farsetta) to have the lab fees paid for directly by the client in a separate check. We were to deliver the sample, with the client’s check, to the lab. That way, should there be any harmful toxins that were not detected by the lab and reported to the client…it is strictly a matter between the client and the lab… since I was neither paid for nor provided the errant results.

I always felt that this was good advice.

Have you ever heard of a case where the lab missed something? Just asking because I haven’t.

For discussion purposes, why would the inspector be liable for lab testing errors or omissions?

I have never heard or seen such a case.

Anyone can be sued for any reason at any time.
Can an Inspector be sued for a water test error made by the Laboratory? … Yes
Will the Client prevail? … No

For the purpose of discussion…certain chemicals used in animal fertilizer can keep the blood cells from carrying oxygen. Baby formula that contains well water with runoff with these chemicals can cause infants to suffer brain damage or death. Well water lab results that did not pick up this chemical or were delayed … that result in such damages … that were paid for with a check made “payable to Inspector Jones” could cause Inspector Jones a bit of trouble. Wouldn’t you say?

I never heard of AIDS until it started killing people. My not having heard of something is a poor indicator of possibility, dontcha think? Labs make mistakes every day. An error rate of .5% is still 50 mistakes for every 10000 tests.

Assume whatever risk the extra $140 means to you. I will do the same. Nobody is forced to mirror their businesses after others.


Which is it? You never heard of anyone being sued … or you have evidence of fact that a client will not prevail?

Or…is this just conjecture on your part?

There are many offerings of a Well Test.

There are FHA/VA series offerings (mostly for mortgage satisfaction)
and specific Municipal County requirements.

A Hydrocarbon / VOC test can also be ordered (at additional fees)

The IOA Contract specifies which Series of Testing is Contracted.

If a Client subsequently finds a contaminant present that was not contracted to be analyzed, can they sue?

Answer is Yes.

Will the Client prevail?

Answer is No… Because the contaminant found would not have been Contracted and/or Paid for to be Analyzed and Detected.

Our Office does not offer 1 form of H2O Test Series.
Well Series Testing for our Office starts at a Fee of $200 and can exceed $1500 +

The elements subject to analysis are at the discretion of the Client.