Art work

thought you might like to see what I do in my spare time if I am not two wheeling down a country road !

You play the Bag Pipes ?

Haha …just kidding looks good.

actually do but have only got as far as playing amazing grace, my dad is wanting me to play at his “you know” won’t say it, been to busy with other things. Thanks for the comment.

Very nice work. My wife is an artist so I can appreciate the time that goes into such a piece. Well done!

Nice. If you draw some pictures of* inspectors in action*, I’ll buy them from you and make them available to all InterNACHI members who might want them for their fliers, brochures, websites, etc.

Can we all be Irish?
I’m already Irish but I’d like to see a revolution :slight_smile:

Thank you

Thank you will do !

The Illustrated History of Ireland by C. F. Cusack “The Nun of Kenmare”, is a good read, don’t know if book is available any more. Its one of my favorites. Tip: change your pot of GOLD location once a year !:cool:

I can’t draw worth a lick.

Good for you.

did somework back in the day for a company, we did drawings for the armys SQT manuels. Thanks for the comment!

I would love to have a section of with inspection-related artwork in it for member use.

I do oils . Wet on wet .
Learned it years ago on PBS Bob Ross.

give us a peek !

I’m in the same boat as Larson, I can barely draw flies on a hot summer day…

Learn to play AC/DC “Its a long way to the top” on those bagpipes!!

good choice make the brain cells light up, i’am a black sabbath fan myself before they split, canned heat was’nt bad either…see what I can do.