Article on the NEW AFCI for 2008 NEC

Enjoy the READ…:slight_smile:

I side with Mike Holt on this one. Firmly!

Anyone who says there is no incompatibility issues with appliances and AFCI’s has never installed them.
And to push this new technology into the WHOLE home so quickly reeks of corporate involvement/lobbying!!

Also, I must say. I am very disappointed with EC&M for taking the sensationalist route in that article.
Did they feel it contributed to the article to include a photo of a huge fire? IMO it did NOT! Shock value to sway one’s opinion was all that was.

Thanks Peter I agree BAD,BAD,… Roy Cooke

I have a mental list going for complaints I’ve heard about AFCI’s nuisance tripping.

Certain dimmers
Fluorescent Bulbs, even heard of compact tripping them too.

I think after my 5th trip to the basement resetting the breaker in one day, just flipping on lights, I might want to remove the AFCI’s. :wink: