Please proof this new article on AFCI Indicators (testers).

Found it to read very well and basic enough that most everyone can understand it. Very Nice.

circuit that they serves …?

I would guess they are saying the AFCI tester trips the AFCI on the circuit you are testing ( thus the circuit the trippe AFCI is serving )…sounds fine to me…:wink:

Thanks again!

As a side quetion

Don’t the rules change as of June to say whole house AFCI’s and that also means that if a breaker panel up qrade say from 60 to 200 amp were to take place that AFCI would be required if the local building department has its act together

Thoughts anyone??

Maybe I should have started another thread for this one


Hi Nick,

Good article! Just one minor correction:

Paragraph 5:

"The user will know that the circuit in question has been tripped if the AFCI device looses power. "

Should be:

"The user will know that the circuit in question has been tripped if the AFCI device loses power. "


The requirement is only if the area has adopted he 08 version of the code. Also the rule is for new circuits installed, not a panel change. There are also potential issues where multi-wire branch circuits were installed. Cutler-Hammer makes the only 2 pole AFCI breaker that I am aware of.

Their is no Whole House Product on the market for AFCI protection. If you can imagine the crys of increased pricing just based on the new demands of the NEC 2008…only imagine if the call was for whole house AFCI’s…it would be like the 3rd rising of the Anti-Christ to some AFCI Haters.

Another issue it would bring in the concept as we have it now is the problem of selective coordination…but mainly the cost would prohibit it.

Ironically an oversite of the NEC 2008 on AFCI’s is that leaving off the issues of locations that are currently covered with GFCI protection…it also excluded those areasin regards to not just the receptacles circuits but the lighting circuits in those areas also…probably will see that corrected in the 2011 version.