Article recommend inspector association that doesn't exist

Talk about misinformation.

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Who’s PABI and how come when I do a google search for them, they don’t seem to exist? :D:o:shock:

Sorry to bring such an old post up, but I have seen people online posting, as a credential, education and graduation from “PABI” as well, and I cannot find anything about it. My search for information led me to this forum post.

Is or was this a legitimate organization?

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This might have been a spelling or acronym error on the writers part or translation issues.

PABI might be the (AIBQ) in the province of Quebec Canada.

In Quebec their are 4 recognized building inspection associations. AIBQ, InterNACHI, ANIEB, CAHPI. ANIEB were disgruntled AIBQ members that set out and created their own building inspection organization naming it, ANIEB, Association nationale des inspecteurs et experts en bâtiments or National Association of Building Inspectors and Experts.

If my memory serves me well, back in 2018, the ABIQ was looking to seek a more prominent role in the building inspection industry in the province of Quebec due to membership decline. Roughly 1/3rd or more AIBQ members joining InterNACHI Quebec. A Gilles Larin brain child. Keep in mind, AIBQ was courting ASHI or CAHPI along the way. What transpired, the ANIEB was re-absorbed back into the AIBQ.

Google PABI in Quebec.

Hope that helps.