Am inspector with Quebec chapter of CAHPI since 2000 and yes National Certication Holder, evaluator for the program and also member of ASHI thanks to a reciprocity agreement
I have performed well over 2000 inspections and trained and sponsored many new inspectors
Should I want to join your organisation, do I need to go thru the 24 steps of your membership application includung all the online courses ?
I find your organisation has alot to offer but not in the mood nor have the time to start over an another long application process.

Thank you

Paul Bousquet
AIBQ / CAHPI/ ASHI / and maybe NACHI !!!

Was a member of OAHI and served on various committees so do know a little of CAHPI was also a member of PACHI and ASHI.
Have not been disappointed I made the move to NACHI 4 years ago .
No longer find any reason to belong to OAHI/CAHPI .
Sorry there are no short cuts to being a full NACHI member but I Am sure you will not be sorry for joining NACHI.
I expect if you have been reading this BB you have seen how well every one helps all.
You of course have not been able to see the whole BB as a % is closed to non members.
Education , information and supplies available to NACHI members is second to none.
I have always been active in any association I have belonged too including NACHI.
When you decide to join NACHI I am sure you will be pleased at how much information is here.
Every thing costs less at NACHI example the three day Toronto Conference was fantastic and cost $99;00 for every home Inspector .
It was the biggest and largest education Home Inspectors Conference ever held in Canada.
Please See what the CAHPI Ontario Conference cost is for Members and Non members .
Please look at some of the NACHI sites listed on the bottom of my post’s.

… Cookie … Certified Master Inspector
Tried the rest and NACHI is the best.
Need help please ask …

Paul; " You’ve tried the rest now join the best!" And while you are at it get your C.M.I. too. The only internationally recognized designation in the Home inspection industry.

And who is it recognized by? As far as I know the only agency in North America that certifies certification programs is

I think that InterNACHI is the only organization that it is recognized by.

Paul, sorry, you have to fulfill all our membership requirements because the other associations you mentioned do not have many entrance requirements (if any at all) that we could give you credit for.

If I’m incorrect and you can tell us about requirements (that I’m unaware of) of other associations, we’d love to know about them. Until then, we really don’t see any duplication of requirements in

If you don’t want to do the long NACHI application, perhaps (with 2,000 inspections under your belt) you would consider jumping right to CMI. You need not be a member of NACHI to be a CMI: and there are no annual dues ever.

Tracy, although it is recognized by the largest inspection association in the world, the largest indoor air quality association in the world, the largest laboratory in both U.S. and Canada, and the largest insurer of inspectors in N. America… don’t become a CMI due to personal insecurity, personal feeling of inferiority, or weird desire to be recognized by someone… instead, become a CMI because (as CMI after CMI has testified) CMIs are able to charge more. Your bottom line will recognize the benefit.


You were accredited by a body that has no legislation to accredit anyone because the National has not been audited itself to see if it meets CAN P9, as they say the National does.


CMI accepts ASHI and CAHPI as 2 of 7 approved SOPs. See #3 of