asbestos lining?

Any thoughts on the weaved cloth material at the joints of this plenum. This is from a 60s home that was originally equipped with a oil fired heater system that has been removed and it appears as though they are using the original metal plenum to feed to new air handler. The material is visible at the joints. I would assume that if this was from a heat system then the material would have to be heat resistant and therefore has a possibility of being asbestos. has anyone had any experience with this?

But I have never encountered asbestos at expansion joints.
it is more likely a ceramic fiber…
your market may vary

Thanks, its not really for me to decide but I thought it to be interesting. Not a lot of furnace action here if South Florida. But I did come across a pic of the woven asbestos and it looks close


If the install is truly 1960,
HVAC to be expected at 50 + years also?

I understand the question…

is the Furnace also to 50 Years + expected?

furnace is long gone. still has 100 gallon oil tank in ground but all of that has been abandoned. New AC unit using the furnace duct system.

The oil tank in the ground is a bigger concern than that vibration joint!