Plumbing warp, Asbestos?

Does anyone know if this style of pipe wrap has been found to contain asbestos. It looks similar to duct wrap that has asbestos. It has the same patter as the duct wrapping only this one is thicker. Found on the hot water line in a 1950-60’s house.


Just a guess but yes sure could be Asbestos…Looks like it to me.

The only way would be testing to confirm

Don’t lick that…

I have seen a product quite similar.
It does not appear to be asbestos.
There was a ceramic cloth wrap that looks quite similar but was primarily used in Industrial / Petrochemical environments and rarely found in residential markets.
Test and verify to be sure would be the recommendation.

I made the recommendation to test.

To be honest it just looked like another known material that contains asbestos. Can never be too cautious.

I personally have never seen asbestos wrap which was weaved. I will be interested to hear the follow up on this. Can we steal your photo for future reference if it does turn out to be asbestos?

Unfortunately, I don’t think we will hear back. Due to the rear block foundation wall issues and many other items, the client will not be purchasing the property. It was being purchased for a rental and it needs to much for an investment.