Plumbing Insulation

Came across insulation during the inspection today I’ve not seen. Home was build in 1960 with upgraded plumbing in several areas. The insulation, covering copper supply lines, looks like it was rolled on and perhaps tacky at one point. The texture was somewhat malleable and felt similar to rubber.

My question is what type of insulation is this and whether or not it might contain asbestos?



Hot water and steam pipes in older houses may be coated with an asbestos material or covered with an asbestos blanket or tape.

It looks like it may contain asbestos to me. But it doesn’t look disturbed. I would make note that it might be present.

Agree BUT it also looks like the material has been worn away at the wire hanger from expansion/ contraction of the pipe.

Darn it I have been looking for images ,to show simular and cannot find any.

I remember asking about that same stuff 20 years ago, but can’t recall the answer.

I see they have a packing nut at the shutoff , which may have self sealed a small leak.

that really doesn’t look kike the asbestos stuff to me Vince , but whenever i see pipe wrap similar to that i always mention the possibility of the presence of asbestos and certainly reccomend that no one licks the pipe wrap !!!..

I know this thread is older but I found similar looking stuff and was wondering if anyone has further opinions about it and possible asbestos. Image included.P1250705.JPG