Asbestos on pipes; Reporting

A friend of mine who wants to sell his home has boiler distribution pipes in the basement that have asbestos insulation. I have told him to get it tested and be sure it is asbestos and he told me that he had to 15 years ago, and it is asbestos. He wants to know what else can I tell him that he should expect to see in the buyers HI Report, other than to defer it be tested by a lab. Do any of you have information about encapsualtion methods or abatement methods.

Thank you

This is far past the point of encapsulation. I would be recommending an abatement contractor if I were inspecting this home. . .

The insulation appears to be damaged and in need of repair. Since he had it tested and it was confirmed to be asbestos, he will probably have to disclose this . With encapsulation you still have the presence of asbestos. Considering the age of the insulation, if the boiler is as old as the insulation (about 30 years) it may need replacement soon. It may be worthwile to get some estimates and have it removed prior to selling the home. Estimates will vary from $3-$8 per lineal foot of insulation removed. Use a licensed contractor that will do air monitoring during the removal process.

Like Jeff says thats beyond encapulation and should be removed.Around here it runs about 10.00 to 12.00 per lineal ft.Matt.

Thank you all for the input. It seems that it needs to be removed. What would removal cost (apx) $5-$12 per ft.?
Thank you again.

I’ve seen quotes for clearance testing alone START at those fees…:shock:

That’s above and beyond the removal fees… if they hired professionals;-)

I’d be willing to bet that this is Chrystotile (Serpentine, White Asbestos group), which accounts for 95% of the asbestos found in buildings, but could be Crocidolite (Amphibole, Blue Asbestos group), which is generally used for high temperature insulating applications). Regardless, recommend asbestos abatement by a licensed specialist.

Asbestos Abatement contractor recommendation… I AGREE!!!

I am having difficulty identifing asbestos in flooring or insulation materials. Can you guys tell me what to look out for… Year home was built?? I always put asbestos like substance and to have it tested to ensure if asbestos, but I’m afaird I’ll missing identifing like floor tiles to be possibly calle out. What are the signs I should be aware of?

9+9 you can be sure they are asbestos 12 by 12 have never found any .
Once some one has shown you asbestos insulation you can be reasonably sure what it is .
Roy Cooke

Here are two good sites (the second with very detailed info on flooring):

This prints in my reports amd you’re welcome to it.

Given the age of the residence, asbestos and lead-based paint could be present. In fact, any residence built before 1978 should not be assumed to be free from these and other well-known contaminants. Regardless, we do not have the expertise or the authority to detect the presence of environmental contaminants, but if this is a concern you should consult with an environmental hygienist, and particularly if you intend to remodel any area of the residence.

Good answer Keith.
Brian if you want to discuss Asbestos - give me a call. Next week will be a little tight, I will be in a 40 hour asbestos class. I am currently a licensed Asbestos Inspector for the state of Montana. In Montana an asbestos inspection is required (by an accredited asbestos inspector) before remodeling or demolition of a commercial or public building. You might find this article interesting

The only sure way to know if a material contains asbestos is to send a sample to the lab for testing. Anything esle is just speculation and unprofessional.

Not quite I did an Inspection and the owner of the home was there and I said this looks like it could be asbestos.
The owner said Oh no it is asbestos come here and showed me many some nice little red tin signs ( wished I had taken a picture)( Words like )this is genuine Johns Manville asbestos the best pipe insulation you can get.
We had to take his word on it .
My Client did not buy the home .
He was very upset with the asbestos
Roy Cooke