Asbestos siding

We have quite a few homes around here with asbestos transite board siding from the 1950’s. It is generally in pretty good shape. We don’t make a big deal out of it but warn clients not to disturb it. Just talked to a Realtor who has heard that mortgages will no longer be issued on these homes. Anyone have experience with this siding and heard anything about no mortgages?

There are a few homes around here with this siding (almost bought one), but haven’t heard of any mortgage or insurance problems.

Sam here never heard of it yet, but i can see it happening, I talked to one fellow that was hired to remove the siding, yes a License contractor . cost for 1000 sg foot home 25.000 .

I’ve been hearing this rumor for a couple of years now. Nothing found doing a Google and NAR website search.