Asbestos Testing and certification

Good evening,

Anybody know of any on line classes for certification for asbestos testing and certification.



Home inspectors do not perform tests for asbestos. You will probably need to contact a lab that does to see how they certify their employees.

You could get a course for taking samples, but testing requires a microscope. Even sampling is not as easy as it sounds. You could easily contaminate a home if taken incorrectly. Insurance for sampling can be very costly as well. Keep this in mind.

Many states regulate that industry. Check with your state environmental regulation agency. Testing is simple,

Most states require at minimum an EPA Asbestos Building Inspector Certification and then many states require a State Certification as well. In order to perform Asbestos Inspections in Colorado, for example, you need an EPA certification and a State of Colorado Asbestos Builiding Inspector Certification. In order to get these, you need to go to classes and pass an EPA class and then take a State test (for Colorado). Then there is also annual continuing education as well. The lab you use to analyze the samples must also be NVLAP accredited as well.

I would check with your local state to see what their regulations are.

Hope this is helpful