Asbestos testing in California

I am having a hard time determining if any sort of licensing or certification is required for Asbestos sampling and testing in California. Everything I find is on remediation or disposal but not specifically testing. Has anyone looked into this in California?

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My local testing lab just says bring them at least 1 square inch in a ziplock back, then they produce a report in 24-72 hours, depending on how much I pay them.

The State website view seems to be:

> Note: The California Business & Professions Code 7180(b) allows Contractors with AHERA-certified asbestos inspector training to take up to 12 samples in residential dwellings for bid preparation, employee health and safety or contract completion purposes. Be aware only a Cal/OSHA-Certified Asbestos Consultant (see below) can interpret the results and provide a full range of asbestos consulting services.

California Department ofIndustrial Relations

Asbestos is one of those things where the regulations are so awkward, it definitely drives people away from sensible asbestos handling. On occasion I see it done well in commercial buildings with asbestos encapsulated and clearly labeled, waiting for the day when the piper must be paid, and the guys in booties and plastic suits brought out.

More often it is

As a Home Inspector, that all said, much of the asbestos can be 99% identified visually.

AHERA by the way is the “Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act” which is nominally about schools.

Check with your insurance carrier. I’m insured through nachi and they won’t cover asbestos.

Thanks guys. I will look into AHERA-certified asbestos inspector training and I will check with my insurance to see if they would add asbestos to my coverage.

Regardless, get good at visual identification… that gets you 90% of the way there.
Asbestos was used in a lot of products… from drywall… to glues… roofing tiles… siding… on and on.

Hi Eugene, I’m an asbestos consultant in California. The hard part about getting certified is the experience. To write asbestos reports on your own you need the CAC level cert and it takes 1 - 4 years of experience under a CAC to qualify for the exam.

I’m actually hoping to trade CAC experience for some home inspection training (I’m new here). That being said, are you anywhere Los Angeles? Maybe we can help eachother out if you’re interested.

Hi Sarah,

I am here in Los Angeles. I’d love to talk to you more.