Asbestos tile flooring

I had a gentleman tell me that a home inspector reported asbestos flooring in a home he was purchasing. I asked him if the inspector had a sample tested to see what the material was made of. He said he did not. He just looked at it and said it was asbestos. I would like some input on this. :roll:

If it is 989 tile here in Canada you can be sure it is asbestos Tile I expect it is the same in the USA .
Testing is the only way to be sure BUT I have never heard of any tests coming back that said it was not .


There is 9 x 9 brown speckled tile that you “know” are asbestos by sight, but it is still prudent to explain that these tiles are commonly known to contain asbestos and recommend a test. Typically, you will still find them on classroom floors in schools built in the 60’s. The mastic contains asbestos, as well (black). Never make a claim that you cannot back up with a lab report or manufacturer’s report, though.

Some companies, such as Johns Mansville, have been nice enough to tell the world which of their old products contain asbestos.

Here is where they got rid of their old products:

I spent over a year at that site for the building demolitions.Interesting.

And that is just one of the many Linas.

We had one hear in Maine for awhile, now it is all going out of State somewhere I believe.

Thanks for the article.

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Thanks for sharing that…wow what a tragedy. As a avid fisherman and lover of lakes this just makes me nuts. Do you know what the current action is to fix this? Looked like it was just going to be there!


Does anyone have any real good pictures of tiles that are known to have asbestos in them? Thanks for all the input!:smiley:

Many 9"x9" tiles.

I have many archived somewhere but here’s a good example from google

These tiles obviously came in a variety of colors and as I recall the mastic was an asphalt type material and in some cases the tiles were torched down…this is my memory as a child watching a repairman work on our basement laundry room…may have also been a bad trip

It is a Superfund site. There is a landfill onsite that Manville has to maintain with 3’ of water over the surface. They set aside $60 mil. for cleanup. We did an $8 mil. demolition of 6 mil. s.f. of buildings. It was an undertaking to demolish the plant and produce no visible emissions. That place is still a mess.Always will be. There was a sister plant in Manville N.J. that they demolished and “donated” the land to the city. They tried it here but the States Attorney said “no way”.

When I run into the 9 x 9 tiles that appear to be asbestos tiles, I simply note in the report that the tiles may contain asbestos and before removal, have tile tested by a local lab.

I also recommend that they not remove these tiles and to simply cover right over them.

Thanks everyone. I am always looking for better ways to point out possible problems without alarming my client and Realtors but still covering my behind!! :smiley: