Asbestos ceiling tiles

Does anyone have pics of possible asbestos ceiling tiles. A link or some good description may also help. I had a 1950’s house with 12"x12" ceiling tiles and I am suspicious. Any input is appreciated

I can’t think of any ceiling tiles of that size from the 1950s that did not have asbestos in them.

When there is a suspicion of ACM, testing is the only sure way to find out that it is.


My agreement says this: “WE do not inspect for any environmental issues such as lead paint, asbestos, mold, radon gas (unless specifically requested), or drinking water quality (unless specifically requested).”

This is a very good start and will lead you to other sites. He has an entire section on identifying asbestos containing materials. Good for identifying them and reporting “The possibility of asbestos exists in…” or however you may word it.

Thanks to all that posted


I make the same declaration in my report about limitations on environmental conditions/questions. I will comment that the existing material and/or condition appears to be suspicious and should be investigated further. I usually can give my Client good direction in choosing the industry or contractor to contact for additional expert advice.
As for a discription of a typical “Asbestos Ceiling Tile” design, I can only give you what I’ve seen personally. I’m sure there were numerous designs, but the tiles I had in my Bedroom growing up were 12’x12" with a pencil sized varied hole pattern. They were stapled to furring strips on the bottom of upper level floor joist. As my Dad use to say, you’re grounded to you dundeon below.

Hope this helps. Good Luck

As others have indicated the only way to know for sure is to have them tested. I had 12x12s from the 50’s in my own house and they tested “negative” for asbestos.

An asbestos containing adhesive(mastic) was used (at least in commercial buildings) to attach tiles to ceiling structures.