Old Ceiling Tiles

So i have this 70 year POS to do today , I was there 2 days ago no water or Power So i am now doing it today
When i was there the firsts time Many of the old ceiling tiles where fallen down or broken . I know there where tiles with asbestos in them but it is hard to tell how old these are
I was going to write it as suspected Asbestos and further Testing should be done The problem is this home is going for around 30.000 and i do not think Testing will be done also i have a feeling this will be down played by the Lister
Writing suspected Asbestos and further testing should be done will keep me safe , But i know i am going to asked if it was covered would that be good enough . The problem is all the already broken ones in this home If there was asbestos in them it has already been spread around
Any suggestions ?

Good Morning Wayne,

I would emphasize the health effects of asbestos exposure in my report if I suspected the listing agent would de-emphasize the significance of its presence.

At that point, I don’t know what more I could do to convince someone to take corrective action.


wear a respirator…keep yourself safe and it should help convince someone that perhaps it is important to take the risk seriously. :mrgreen:

Don’t create a panic just to cover your six, mention that these ceiling tiles have been known to contain (ACM) asbestos, only an accredited lab can verify. I have sampled 1x1, 2x2 and 2x4 ceiling tiles (most era’s) and to date none have tested positive for asbestos. 90% Cellulose and 10% binders is a very typical lab analysis of these ceiling tiles.

Thanks guys that is exactly what i was planning to do I am sure when we get into the meat of this home that will the least of his worries . I hate seeing people struggle to get something but down the road will bite them . Still lots of very poor honest people here trying to get the dream .

Wayne, you sound like a very caring HI, good luck with this inspection!

This is what I say in each an every report, and personally, I would not comment further about ceiling tiles:

“Asbestos is a notorious contaminant that could be present in any home built before 1978. It is a naturally occurring mineral fiber that was first used by the Greek and Romans in the first century, and it has been widely used throughout the modern world in a variety of thermal insulators, including those in the form of paper wraps, bats, blocks, and blankets. However, it can also be found in a wide variety of other products too numerous to mention, including duct insulation and acoustical materials, plasters, siding, floor and ceiling tiles, heat vents, and roofing products. Although perhaps recognized as being present in some documented forms, asbestos can only be specifically identified by laboratory analysis. The most common asbestos fiber that exists in residential products is chrysotile, which belongs to the serpentine or white-asbestos group, and was used in the clutches and brake shoes of automobiles for many years. However, a single asbestos fiber is said to be able to cause cancer, and is therefore a potential health threat and a litigious issue. Significantly, asbestos fibers are only dangerous when they are released into the air and inhaled, and for this reason authorities such as the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] and the Consumer Product Safety Commission [CPSC] distinguish between asbestos that is in good condition, or non-friable, and that which is in poor condition, or friable, which means that its fibers could be easily crumbled and become airborne. However, we are not specialists and, regardless of the condition of any real or suspected asbestos-containing material [ACM], we would not endorse it and recommend having it evaluated by a specialist.”

Thanks guys
To add to this inspection a huge storm is coming with wind advisory and tornado watch lol it is going to be one of those days
Btw if you guys see a Red dodge mega cab flying by i am on my way to Kansas so wave

Wayne look at what else contains asbestos. We have much work to do! www.asbestos.com/products/

I am a microscopist with over 27 years of experience analyzing asbestos and mold samples. It is not uncommon for ceiling tiles to have asbestos. Testing is fairly cheap ($10-20 dollars per sample) but some states require various certifications by the person doing the sampling. In a structure of this age, most likely there are many different products with asbestos including floor tiles, linoleum, hvac tape, transite panels, pipe and boiler insulation and gaskets, etc.

Advise getting an asbestos survey by an experience asbestos surveyor.

This is from a recent inspection.
Unless you find actual evidence (see photo) I would use a blanket comment such as Joe’s.

BTW Here is something interesting I found on the web.


Thanks guys great info, Talk to my client He is going to send a sample in , If its is not Asbestos he is taking it all down , He is only 19 first home He is planing to do all the repairs in the next 5 Years , And yse he is going to be busy here is what i found under in the crawl space old railroad tracks used as pillars Lol various angles 32 page report not the worst i had

Even if that sample comes back negative, advise him to wear a mask when renovating, asbestos can be anywhere in an old home.

Most think a regular paper mask will do; totally useless for asbestos fibers-like a straw going through a chain link fence. There are specific types of masks, medical tests that should be done before wearing a mask, etc. Folks, we advise the client to get a home inspection by an experienced inspector; please advise him to get a true asbestos inspection.

Extremely impractical. :roll:

I don’t see how it could be “anywhere” in an old home. If that were the case, don’t you think our paternalistic government would be regulating the various trades involved in renovation? Face it…life has risks. No need to live in fear.

They do, there are extensive regulations concerning renovations and asbestos issues; most contractors either do not know about them or ignore them! Agree, no need to live in fear, get a proper survey and get the facts.

What regulation says to wear a “mask” when renovating an old home? Please cite just one.

I think it’s already been agreed that an analysis of the tile would be prudent. However, if the sample comes back negative, someone stated the buyer should still wear a mask. That’s ridiculous.

I am not suggesting the buyer wear a mask; get a proper survey to determine if there is truly asbestos. I have seen thousands of cases of homeowners disturbing asbestos. We advise them to get a home inspection; why can’t we advise them to get a proper asbestos inspection.

I sample old plaster walls, floor tiles, hydronic pipe wrap and ceiling tiles for contractors all the time. I believe today’s contractors are wiser than days of past. Additionally, I agree with a previous poster that any renovation project or new construction work should be performed wearing at the very least a paper N-95 mask. We wear safety boots for our feet, we wear hard hats for our noggin, why not respirators or masks for our lungs?

BTW Gentlemen, don’t forget about fiberglass insulation, plaster, drywall dust, MDF, OSB, plywood, etc. Ever work with these products all day long without protection? I have, not good.