Asbestos Transite Piping

How dangerous is transite under floor heat piping. I m actually thinking of buying a home that has it that was built in 1972.
I have heard that is is not hazardous if it is not disturbed. Or has anyone heard of a method to paint or seal it in pace.


I have never seen asbestos transite used as heating piping…only drain lines. It is considered non-friable material and is not harmful in that state. As long as it is not broken up and the fibres released in to the air it is fine. You could encapsulate it with a mesh-like material and coat it with lagging or encapsulant paste, but there is really no point if it is not falling apart. Normally only insulation is encapsulated. If the piping us damaged its gotta go anyways. DO NOT try to remove it yourself! Leave this one to the professionals. I used to do asbestos abatement for a living, and have seen many people (particularily plumbers) make a big expensive mess trying to do it themselves.

We note it when we see it. If you don’t you run the risk of a plumber scaring your client about possible asbestos.

Transite pipe can deteriorate if/when it gets wet. Due to the age alone removal would be prudent.