Transite Pipe in attic to report or not?

Most homes we inspect that are built before 1980 have Transite Vent flue pipe. As we all know Transite pipe contains asbestos. If the pipe is still in use and not cracked or loose, should I report that the pipe exsist and recommend removal?

Point it out as it may contain Asbestos.

Good link on the subject here for your information.

Agreed. Give them the facts and let them make the decision to remove it or not.

Point it out as it may contain Asbestos however not dangerous until cracked or loose or whatever else scenerio you may think of. I would be specific. You don’t want to alarm them for no apparent reason.


I pretty much tell everyone to replace it as 1, they are always installed to close to combustible material; and 2 just because of the age the Transite material could be deteriorated and pose a potential fire hazard.

The asbestos in the Transite pipe is a “non issue” as far as I’m concerned - except when it comes to removal and disposal.

The “danger” in these pipes comes in the form of cracks, which may be too small to see.

I recommed as a “Recommended Safety Upgrade;”