However odd i’m sure, but I really need some feedback. I apologize in advance, however I have an 8 year old daughter and I am concerned. Recent plumbing leak in apt has resulted in ceiling falling. The building is from the early 50’s. Is this asbestos?


Not likely, is it old school drywall with plaster or newer drywall? Asbestos in my experience is many times in the furnace heat deflectors, radiator insulation an the notorious floor tiles. If is is wet, keep it wet and dispose of it properly just in case. A sample would need to be sent out for any verification. I sent out a tile the last month came back as less than 5% asbestos material.

I would not be concerned . Asbestos needs to be sanded when dry making dust . This is wet and More then likely is not even asbestos

It was common in joint compound from that era but as others have said dust is the issue not wet plaster…