In Illinois we are not required. I think in any state it’s a standard agreement exclusion too. I report it as a material that is consistent in appearance with asbestos. Recommend…

Having worked in the asbestos abatement and demolition industry for 20 years I am pretty familiar with ACM and point it out when I see it. I always recommend sampling and lab analysis. CYA

So should I whack it with a broom and open a jelly jar to send in Linus, like I have been. :slight_smile:

Yup. Then use the broom to sweep the mess down the nearest floor drain.;):wink:

What? Aren’t you supposed to take the broom home to sweep out the kids bedrooms? :twisted:

Point out materials that MAY contain asbestos, yes. Unless you have microscopes for eyes, its impossible to be 100% sure its asbestos. I have years of experience in asbestos abatement, and i will never tell anyone that something is asbestos for sure. Tread lightly on this one.

You must be STATE CERTIFIED to even inspect Asbestos and if you comment on it and are not a CBI you MUST report it IS an ACM (Asbestos Contained Material) or trouble can head your way! Again you CAN NOT even say they MAY contain!

and yes I am State Certified for Asbestos which is a classification of CBI:)


If you suspect something may be an ACM, you cannot say that it IS an ACM unless first analyzed under a microscope. Its just not possible. You may assume it is from experience, but you can never say it is for 100%. IMO, saying it is ACM could get you into more trouble than saying it may be an ACM.

Other way around…It is a ACM until the lab tells us it is not…You CAN NOT use the word MAY. Until it is proved the absence of Asbestos all possible ACMs are classified as ACM…Just the legal issues of the word MAY are gone over in certification for 4 hours in class ! over and over again. Major leag issue.

Asbestos is not mold it has requirements for inspection and removal, you are more likely to lose a case being sued by a homeowner if you comment on Asbestos in your report (and are not a CBI) than commenting on mold.

Anyone inspecting or commenting on Asbestos from an inspectors view must also carry on him/herself at all times a CBI card, the Goverment, EPA, Air Quaility ACT has made this serious business… so it May not be Asbestos but I will tell you it IS until the lab shows me different.

Also FYI Asbestos is STILL put in building materials today and is not a controlled substance.

How I Phrase it: This is asbestos-type insulation. Recommend qualified personnel to evaluate and remove.


Erol pretty much sums it up nicely.

We as INACHI members are also not required to call it out.

I myself always point out material that may contain Asbestos or ACM.

I guess things are very different here in Canada…each to their own.

Let’s see what some of the others have to say Rodney.

But here I would be remiss if I did not warn my client that the Vermiculite insulation, transite vent pipe, or Johns Mansvillesiding MAY contain Asbestos, and the only way to know for sure is to have the material tested. :smiley:

Now if I come right out and say that siding has asbestos in it and 1. I did not test it, or 2. it does not contain Asbestos I could be in deep dodo. :frowning:


I agree with what you are saying. It was Darren’s comment to state a product is an ACM without it first being tested that I disagree with. Nobody can say a product contains asbestos for 100% sure until it has been tested under a microscope. Its just not possible. If it is an organizations policy to state that it is asbestos(without prior testing and verification), thats 100% wrong in my opinion.

I believe we are on the same page. :smiley:

Until I took the certification I would agree with you, but I did not write the credentials for Asbestos. :mrgreen:

better said to your clients would be “I am not an accredited Asbestos inspector so if Asbestos is a concern I recommend having the home properly inspected by a CBI inspector.” no comments need to be made, let the owner disclose what is needed.:wink:

Brian, did you forget what we learned in the “Harvard” of inspection schools?

PACBM- Possible Asbestos Carrying Building Material

Then of course simply refer it to a competent and qualified specialist with remedy as necessary. Done.


If I remember correctly the proper way to report is would be:

***The material in question is consistent with and characteristic of Asbestos, but I recommend a lab confirm the presence or absence of Asbestos.—***:stuck_out_tongue: