Wood stove

Not really HVAC…but check out the stove pipe on this bad boy…

I don’t know code…but I’m guessing this should be corrected eh? Or not?

I had another POS today…

511Mtviewunit3 017.jpg

Lucky you Tony;

How do you get these good ones and then spend an extra hour explaining in your reports as to why it is wrong?

All I can say is that if this thing works, the chimney must have one hell of a draw on it or a vacumn cleaner to suck out the smoke. ha. ha.

Good luck.

Marcel :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :shock:

Got to be wrong. Probably hooked up by a plumber and he thought it needed a trap.

Aint it great? Just wait there is more :wink:

I wish it was an hour…

just tell you client to dig a pit under the stove for it to set in.


I know in the IRC book it states that there needs to be so much rise for the venting of fuel gases. Can’t seem to locate yet in IRC book.

Tony, where was the stove located, and were you able to read the label with the manufacturers guidelines on it? Because I think there are more issues than just the flue pipe being improperly installed.

The stove was an old POS…the clearance label had long been painted over…

My new LOPI stove requires only 18" of clearance on the back…but its older counterpart required 36"…I recommended the entire stove installation to be looked at and commented on by our local woodstove guru or a competitor.

The Realtor thinks I’m making a big deal of nothing…and the client is probably backing out of this deal anyway…4 out of 9 for me.

My Realtor wants to know why I nit pick and tell the clients about all the little things…I asked him which thing he meant that might be little? He said… " all of them! " LOL…

I can’t wait to do an inspection that wasn’t referred by a Realtor.

What the realtor fails to see, is the fact that this is a potential fire hazard. I think you need to maintain your status as a “picky” inspector, because the time will come, when the same Realtors that think you are, will need you to inspect the house they buy for themselves. Happens to me all the time.
Also, I think its time for us to take control out of the realtor hands.

Hmmm I guess smoke travels…down…:smiley:

1/4" per foot rise …No rise bend drop , bend…:smiley:

I would like to see a temp reading on that stove pipe during operation!!
OUCH…:wink: The Local hardware store should carry a temp gage that has a nice scale for proper burn temps :

Approx temps below :
0-250 'F Creosote problems
260- 550 'F Burn zone ( idea)
560 + 'F Overfire Problems

Ya , Tony yer nit picking the problems…:mrgreen:

Ya know Tony I am tired of agents telling me I pick too much,I lose jobs to other HI’s because I won’t candy coat the report but you know it all averages out in the end if we stick to our SOP’s.
my wife says the reason the big insurance companies don’t write insurance on HI’s in New Mexico is because there is too much liability with inspectors fudging the reports.
Now back to the stove did you do a draft test on it?:twisted:

Keep nitpicking. Not only will you get referrals from ethical realtors (oxymoron) but you will also be able to sleep at night knowing you followed your own ethical standards. I’ve only had a few non-realtor referrals, but those realtors who refer me do so because I am thorough and honest.