ASHI Inspectors say I'm a Bad Boy

I point out to my customers and prospective customers that the inspector should work for them and NOT for the Realtor. ASHI inspectors sent me an email saying that i should change my website because it makes them look bad. I dont have to try too hard for that. They make it so easy. :shock::shock:

Sorry, hurt some feelings.

You’re not sayin’ that stuff out loud are ya? :stuck_out_tongue:

It takes all kinds, eh?

I hope life is great for you, Hank. Good to hear ya. :smiley:

Hank, I would not worry too much about the ones calling you a bad boy.
Just a matter of time.
And by the way, please feel free to visit more often. You are always welcome. :):smiley:

A complaint from an ASHI Inspector is the Highest Form of Compliment… :slight_smile:

I would be upset too. I was an ASHI member who enjoyed pissing off agents.

See how you are?:twisted::mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

Hi Marcel, :cool:

Actually I am quite cordial with agents. I only enjoy upsetting the ones that don’t care about their clients. When an agent throws keys in anger because I point out defective garage door reverse mechanisms to a mother and her young children then we have a problem. :twisted:

The best time was when i REMOVED the ASHI member logo from my site and replaced it with NACHI.
Thanks Marcel. I’m normally around i just havent posted a lot.

Understand where you are coming from Erol, just joshing with you.
I would throw my hammer at him. :mrgreen::slight_smile:
Well, except this one, it is occupied right now.



I like this guy…



Share your opinion.

why do you care?

Add a tab to your web site “What my competitors say about me.” And post their e-mail there. :mrgreen::wink:

Still debating. :slight_smile:

Coming from someone with this line on their website, I doubt you’d know the difference.

“That is why, we are honored to be preferred by so many realtors.”

Why go to a realtor site to discuss home inspection? All most of the people on that thread are doing is trying to impress a realtor. Like I say I work for my customer not a realtor. Realtors talk about code. Code inspection is B. S. on an 1875 home. I cant find a code book for a home that was built in 1875. The year before last i inspected a pole barn that was converted to a home arround 1890. Which code book do i use to inspect that one. Besides the only one out here that is legally allowed to code inspect is a code inspector employed by Regional Bldg. Dept. Realtors always ask about code because it makes them sound impotent. Sorry I mean important.

dang Marcel…that looks a lot like my grand-dads ole trim hammer. I still have it kickin’ around here, still use it too.

:p:p:p:p Now that’s funny!!!:p:p:p

Rob, come talk to me when you make enough money to pay for a membership.:roll: