ASHI Sponsor Loses in the Primaries

Hi to all New Hampshire NACHI Members!

I thought that you might like some good news!

This Sunday 09-17-2006, I received an E-Mail from one of our State Reps who told me that The sponsor of the ASHI Bill, New Hampshire State Representative Harry Gale lost in the “Primaries”. :stuck_out_tongue:

He will not be able to run for reelection. I guess that he just stepped on too many NACHI toes.

Regards, Frank


Perhaps you should carefully guard and protect those representatives sponsoring your bill from any NACHI national support, or the same could happen to them.:wink:

Hi Jim!

No problem with that. I have made it very clear, over, and over again, that we in New Hampshire have a strong commitment to our legislative efforts.

We did not need any “help” in the past nor do we need any “help” now. The outsider who came to New Hampshire did so without the knowledge of our duly elected Chapter officers, or our membership. He chose to align himself with a “Chapter of One” and they both backed a dead horse, and a dead bill!

Last year the ASHIFIED bill was defeated and the ill advised attempt to resubmit it turned around and bit them all in the ***.

New Hampshire State Representative Harry Gale would not listen to his constituents and the voters of New Hampshire are making their voices heard. Our State reps were appalled that Harry Gale would take advice from anyone who was not a constituent from New Hampshire.

“Upper Management” in NACHI has been well informed of our efforts to defeat the ASHIFIED Bill, as well as all of the backstabbing efforts from within to sabotage the NACHI Bill.

I am sure that this unwanted outside interference will have a ripple effect in NACHI as well.

Hopefully, valuable lessons have been learned from this whole episode.

I want to believe that NACHI Leadership acted in what was felt to be the best interest of all concerned parties. I still think that a position statement would be helpful to prevent lines from being crossed in the future.

Consider that Mr. Gale, who appears to be dedicated to his measure, will probably seek support for his bill through some other avenue. As a real estate salesman, and one who appears to represent the interests of other real estate salesmen, he is now valued more for his inside connections than his position. He just has taller grass to hide in…:wink: