Warning, imposter attacks NACHI Inspectors! (Previously Fun and Games in NH)

It appears that a group of inspectors from a competing org have formed what they call a “coalition”, which has apparently dedicated itself against the NACHI member-supported legislation currently sponsored in New Hampshire.

It is led by an ASHI die-hard, who had joined thos org, for nothing other than to read our members-only section, gather e-mailing lists, and watch from the shadows.

Here’s the kicker, though… He created the e-mail address nachinh@comcast.net. The legitimate e-mail address of NACHI New Hampshire is NACHI-NH@comcast.net. Think there are any intentional deceptive practices going on here?

What a sleazebag. ASHI stoops to a new low.

Simply AMAZING Joe F…guess when an organization starts to GROW larger than another, Become more helpful to the industry and well starts to make sure education is a key focus…the other weaker and declining associations will STOOP to all types of things…

Such a shame…

Here is our legitimate email address we’ve always had: nachi-nh@comcast.net
Here is the deceptively similar one the ASHI past President concocted: nachinh@comcast.net

Looks like some ASHI folks are feeling quite threatened by the NACHI bill. That should serve to encourage those pushing for it that they are, indeed, on the right track.

Get 'em, Frank!

Hopefully this will convince the lawmakers in New Hampshire that no regulation is required at this time and everyone wins.

I am starting to think the same way Joe.

proposed leg. comes from competition for power
vs. consumer needs.


Always the better option.:wink:

I was conacted by the coalition to join.
I asked them how many Rep’s do they have supporting their bill.

I agree, Joe.

But, please don’t condemn an entire group based upon the stupid actions of one guy.

Just look at some of the comments by some individuals on this board.

Just do an exceptional job, provide better education at a lower price, provide more meetings with better speakers, offer quality ride alongs and mentoring for no charge and simpley do a better job than the other guy.

In another associations home state (8 miles from their national headquarters, where I live) with a lot more ‘branding’ to overcome and heavy advertising, we have made NACHI a real force tobe reconed with.

Never underestimate the power of grass roots efforts of any NACHI chapter. It is truely amazing what can be accomplished when you simply don’t care that it:

  1. Is impossible.
  2. Is “too hard”.
  3. Is not ‘reasonable’.
  4. “Will upset the local Realtors.”
  5. Will rock the boat.
  6. Will be hard.
  7. Will make them ‘mad’ at us.
  8. Will make the local AHJ mad.
  9. Will scare away clients.
  10. “Takes too much time”.
  11. “Costs too much”.
  12. Will upset “the powers that be”. (And this, from Chicago? Don’t make me laugh!)
    One never knows what one can accomplish, until one (actually gets up off their big butt and) trys.

Hope this helps.

Sleazebag is right. Congrats to Nick for throwin’ the bum out of NACHI.

Does “The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors” own the “NACHI” trademark name?

I know that as a Chapter of NACHI that our state chapter has the right to use it. But what about ***Mr. Joseph Bates, past President of ASHI New England? ***

  • If he has the right to “hijack” our chapter’s E-Mail address, and use it in a duplicitous and disingenuous manner, then does that not open the door for all ASHI members to do the same?
    Here is his “Legitimate” information taken from the ASHI websites.

Joseph Bates, Somersworth NH.

ASHI Immediate Past President Certifications / Memberships
► Certified Member of ASHI #202429 (American Society of Home Inspectors)
► Founding Member of NNEC-ASHI (Northern New England Chapter of ASHI)
► President of NNEC-ASHI (2001-2004) ( Northern New England Chapter of ASHI)

Joe Bates <M>
OmniSpect Dover, NH 03820

I wonder what ***the owner of ASHI ***would have to say about one of their members violating the law to PROMOTE ASHI and undermine NACHI.


He will probably be rewarded.:wink:


With all due respect, and I know you’re trying to be diplomatic, the bottom line is that the chapter leader of another org has done this. Time to take the gloves off. No one from ASHI has had the gumption to step up and denounce this action. So, we can point the finger at the group, rather than the individual, just like they do to this org.

So, New Hampshire is on the cusp of HI legislation. Happy day. Not really. Is the NACHI bill perfect? Perhaps not. At this point, that discussion is moot, at best.

The hard reality is that the time has passed for the notion of “no legislation” in New Hampshire. Those from that very state who have reached this plateau of reason should have done so LAST YEAR, when others were pushing far worse legislation, and these same individuals believed everything was hunky dory.

I laugh at these sudden voices of reason, because they were no where to be found 12 months ago. In fact, some were lined up across the aisle.

Now, they have magically become enlightened. To the suddenly vocal NH NACHI, ASHI, and independent inspectors: Where were you when Harry Gale was pushing the ASHI agenda? You know where you were. You know what you were backing.

When this version of legislation was being written, you were nowhere to be found. Now, a “coalition” of the enlightened has appeared on the horizon to save you all.

Well, my New Hampshire friends, when you were busy backing the wrong horse, you managed to convince your state legislators that the issue was important enough to warrant legislation. You created the monster. Now its not your monster anymore. You no longer control the beast you have created. You now are in favor of nothing, rather than any version of law that was not created in your own interests. I’m sure that some of you aspired to belong to some HI Board. Who knows. Who cares. This has backfired in your collective faces. In apparent desparation, the end result is to now mimick NACHI-NH e-mails to try and gain any legitimacy or momentum. Its a pitiful display. LIke children stamping their feet in anger.

Time to step up and realize that you made the mess. Instead of inviting last years players to secret meetings, perhaps your efforts would have been better spent creatng a true coalition to battle the NOTION of legislation where none is needed. It seems that NACHI’s influence in legislative circles has pissed some of the old boys off. Too bad.

Remember, in the end, you reap what you sew. My advice, for the children who initially created this mess, is to go stand with your noses in the corner.

Thank you Jim!

I appreciate your kind comments and encouragement in this matter.
I know that you absolutely hate licensing. From the polls taken on this BB it looks like the majority favors it and many OF THE MINORITY are vocal in their opposition. Some “flip flop” back and forth.

I would like to point something out that NONE of the NACHI members seem to grasp.

Ø If you are in favor of licensing ASHI is going to push their “Model” Licensing Law.
Ø IF YOU ARE AGAINST any type of licensing law ASHI is ***STILL ***going to push their “Model” Licensing law.

v **No matter what we {NACHI} say or do ASHI is still going to go ahead with their agenda! Period end of story! **

All of this bickering and fighting on the NACHI BB has been monitored by ASHI. They are using it to plan their agenda. THAT IS WHY I HAVE STAYED OUT OF THESE DISCUSSIONS AND WILL NOT BE SUCKERED INTO FIGHTING THE NEW HAMPSHIRE BATTLES ON THIS BB.

It serves no purpose other than to encourage ASHI and to undermine our efforts in New Hampshire. Here is our E-Mail address NACHI-NH@Comcast.Net.

Ø I would like to point out that ALL of our New Hampshire members already have this address. Marcus Hutnick our Vice President, John Hastings our Chapter Secretary, and myself are in constant communication with our membership.

I am EXTREMELY busy and when it comes to this matter, I will only answer E-Mail from our ***New Hampshire members. ***

Once again, I thank you for your support and encouragement in this matter.

who is the person you are speaking of…interested minds want to know…lol

This is true.

Those of us who are truly against a state controlled home inspection industry have been on the record for quite some time. The disingenuous stance taken by ASHI (and other supporters of the Gale Bill) to oppose the “NACHI Bill” under the guise of opposing any legislation is quite offensive and fools no one.

The “NACHI Bill” is a response to an ongoing effort by ASHI - in New Hampshire and Massachusetts - to control the industry in that neck of the woods. As Joe F. has pointed out, the idea of socializing the inspection industry in New Hampshire came from ASHI. Frank Carrio, at his own expense, has taken on that challenge and with the help of his chapter created an alternative measure that should protect these folks from the original ASHI agenda.

As his bill continues to pick up sponsors in his legislature, ASHI’s screams and lamentations grow in pitch and intensity…which is music to the ears.

Godspeed, Frank. Make it happen.


Who are you addressing, and in what context?

joe F…I was asking who is this person in your orignal post…the person from ASHI on the boards…I am confused.

Who is the the person above…do we as in members newer than 2 years know who this is you are refering to?


I should remind you that Mr. Bates and Mr. Robert McDonald were the co-authors of the defeated ASHIFIED House Bill 642. This HI Bill was written “straight down the line” after the ASHI “Model” Home Inspectors bill. Anyone can find a copy on the ASHI website.

Both of the gentlemen are the principals behind the so called “New Hampshire” coalition.

Here is a copy of the E-Mail that Joseph Bates sent to me.

-----Original Message-----
From: **NachiNH [mailto:NACHINH@comcast.net] **
Sent: Friday, January 05, 2007 4:47 PM
To: ‘FCarrio’
Subject: 1-24 meeting


I accept your invitation to the 1-24-07 meeting for myself and 2 guests.
Can I bring a check to the door, or can I pay by credit card in advance? The total would be $135.00 for 1 member and 2 non-members.

Please let me know.


Joe Bates
NACHI Member

Here is their information.

Robert McDonald ASHI President {Lives In Maine}
Certifications / Memberships
► Certified Member of ASHI
(American Society of Home Inspectors)
► Founding Member of NNEC-ASHI
(Northern New EnglandChapter of ASHI)
►President of NNEC-ASHI (2004-2007)
(Northern New EnglandChapter of ASHI)

Joseph Bates, SomersworthNH. ASHI Immediate Past President
Certifications / Memberships
► Certified Member of ASHI #202429
(American Society of Home Inspectors)
► Founding Member of NNEC-ASHI
(Northern New England Chapter of ASHI)
► President of NNEC-ASHI (2001-2004)
( Northern New England Chapter of ASHI)