ASHI sues Nachi?

About NAMBLA comments. That’s what it says here

Two Million in damages? As a former member of ASHI, I have to say that this is a new low for an association that I had respected for almost 22 years. However this plays out (and I hope Nick wins), I am going to remain with InterNACHI. I hope that InterNACHI’s legal council makes an example of the ASHI lawyer. I think once on the ASHI message board, I may have made a remark about me belonging to the indian tribe So-Sue-Me and now that I am no longer a member, they are taking it out on my friend Nick Gromicko.

It was a reprehensible thing to say. The statement and the lawsuit over such childishness cast both organizations and their memberships in a poor light before the public.

I don’t think anyone outside our industry will ever hear about it. This isnt TMZ material

Lawsuits are public

Bottom line, nobody wins when this type behavior is exhibited.

As my Mom was fond of saying “You are judged by company you keep”.

Nick owns Internachi and has built the one chance inspectors have to get out from under the influence of the realtors. I mean c’mon, marketing advice is to give out candy and kiss realtor *** to be a busy inspector? Nick has been teaching us way beyond the old platitudes of the Mike Crow group and his efforts have produced results.

We take a step back though when our (Nicks) organization engages in arbitrary and capricious behavior.

I get the autocracy parts of this as member boards can take forever to decide on something, but still, this type of attack is a low blow and sophomoric. When I’m pissed I write an email, show it to my wife for her opinion and sit on it till the next day. I then polish it up and send the same message but in a more profoundly professional manner.

Thanks Paul …
Yes I agree the NACHI forum has lost many great inspectors who no longer post and many who post a lot less .
This unfortunately hurts our industry the new and established inspectors suffer from all the knowledge that was shared by so many .

Sometimes when you decide to step into sh-t the smell cannot be cleaned off & stays with you

I don’t see a correlation between the two events other than Nick being the initiator of both.

Nick made a conscious decision with the forum to pursue quantity over quality when he started having every course completion require a posting on the general message board. Now we have many thousands of postings that get read by absolutely no one. These threads and their posts virtually crowd out any useful topical posts, but the board shows higher numbers for it. More quantity less quality, less value. The board will continue to lose topical traffic and value to Facebook groups but will still give Nick big numbers to brag about.

This is retaliation for Internachi filing a lawsuit against a ASHI member last week for saying his dog and grandma passed the Internachi exam.

Competition is good for the inspectors in my opinion. This kind of childish “king of the sandbox” stuff is garbage.

This is what happens when you back someone in to a corner they come out fighting

Trash talking is grown adult men acting like children.