InterNACHI sues home inspector coalition and its secretary today (Aug 1, 2008).

We recently collected our money from all the suits we filed against their members individually: and now we are suing them again.

We are also preparing yet another suit against every member of their Board of Directors (personally) and will file that one soon as well.

The discovery process will lead us to the names of every inspector (or wife of inspector) who participated in any way in the conspiracy to harm InterNACHI members. We’ll then sue each of them personally.

The wheels of justice turn slowly but we’ll make sure that anyone who conspires in any way to harm InterNACHI members… ends up homeless.

When will we be moving these “wheels” from PA into other states where these crimes are happening on an ongoing basis?

Non-members should know better. If they are in a meeting where an illegal act, like conspiring to harm competitors, is taking place… they should leave immediately. Stay, or worse, participate… and expect to lose your home.

Well…this should be interesting. Please keep us informed of the case’s progress Nick.

It will progress just like the last one did: We’ll get paid, we’ll dig up new evidence, we’ll settle with some who offer their testimony against other coalition or local chapter members, and we’ll file more suits.

Get them Nick, we are tired to be belittle from members of NAHI and ASHI, do not forget FABI next.

Great job! InterNACHI to the moon.:slight_smile:

We are with you 100%

Hang em.

I was just starting to feel a bit bad about having to sue them again. I’m sure they can’t afford it. Then I read this from the Preacher above:


Perhaps others will think twice about trying to illegally abuse an InterNACHI member
who is trying to make a living and feed their family.

It seems silly when all they have to do is just pass a law like they did in Kansas, and do it legally?

Anyone specifically trying to harm InterNACHI members, be they on a licensing board or not, be they an officer in a coalition or not, in any state, will be sued into bankruptcy.

I have just read this thread with keen interest.

Man O Man do I have a Lawsuit for you!

  • The local ASHI Chapter NNEC founder / President & Vice President and the phony “Independent Coalition” that they formed have done far worse than the guys that you are suing.
  • They trashed out and slandered NACHI in the Senate.
  • They trashed out and slandered NACHI in the House.
  • On ***MANY ***occasions and in a LOUD voice they trashed out and slandered NACHI in the crowded Hallways of both the House and the Senate!
    Now that they have personally written and pushed through a law {Senate Bill 212} that will benefit them they are trying to get on the Home Inspectors Licensing board.

If the ASHI authors of Senate bill 212 can dominate the Home Inspector’s Licensing board then I can only imagine the hell that we in New Hampshire will be put through.

Frank, if you remember I actually had my state Senator read to me an email sent to him by the coalition stating that NACHI inspectors where inferior and where afraid of licensing because non of us could pass the requirements.

We should sue the NH coalition too!!!

You are 100% correct. These people went out of their way to slander and belittle NACHI as an association, and to slander many of us individually.

They stood in the crowded hallways of*** BOTH*** the HOUSE and the SENATE and LOUDLY proclaimed that the NACHI On line test was passed by “Their Dog”, and the *founder of ASHI Northern New England Chapter *said that his 9-year old daughter “without the slightest knowledge of construction” took and passed the test with a score of 100% !!!

Yes…but…did they do this in Pennsylvania? So far, PHIC is the only one of the many phony “coalitions” that NACHI has acknowledged to exist.

While their success in PA has led ASHI, in several other states, to model similar “coalitions” after it claiming to be the only legitimate voice of home inspectors in the applicable state ---- they go unchallenged by any of the national associations.

Now, in New Hampshire and Kansas, their agendas have become law and are no longer “illegal”.

I have slowly become convinced that iNACHI is impotent in all matters, at any level, that cannot be resolved by one of its many vendors — outside of Pennsylvania.

When the phony ASHI “coalition” in Kansas successfully sodomized home inspectors in that state…NACHI (first) tried to put a positive spin on one of the worst bills ever passed, then (second) offered CEUs “you can take in your pajamas” as a positive response.

The truth, Frank and Paul, is that those of us in the trenches must win the battles and the war strictly on our own efforts. What is happening in PA (NACHI’s birthplace) is unlikely to happen anywhere else.

Jim, this isn’t about licensing. Licensing harms all inspectors equally, not InterNACHI members specifically. No licensing board anywhere can pass any rule or regulation that isn’t applied to all.

Frank, yelling something in a hallway probably isn’t enough.

Again, if you don’t have any hard evidence that someone slandered InterNACHI… there is not much I can do.

PHIC and their board members are a bit of a different situation as we have actual licensed real estate brokers who say that they witnessed inspectors telling their agents that InterNACHI was an “illegal association” and that our members were “not compliant” with PA law, in other words, criminals. I’ve been gathering evidence for some time. Furthermore we have evidence that members of certain national associations’ local chapters met and conspired with other inspectors to harm InterNACHI members. We have actual witnesses who attended these meetings and are willing to testify under oath against everyone else in the room.

Let me know if you have any real evidence and we’ll sue them too.

Jim, if your Molly guy in Kansas gets on the board, we’ll sue him and his wife (he used his home address to commit the fraud) the next day, I promise. Truth will be his defense… he can bring Molly into the courtroom and prove that she can fulfill

Frank can provide you with eyewitnesses. Is that enough evidence?

No. What are the damages from someone shouting in a hallway? A bit different than an inspector telling agents that we are non-compliant with the law or claiming to have a dog who can fulfill

The Molly one is a slam dunk as the owner belongs to an association that has NO entrance requirements whatsoever: We’ve done what we can to keep him off the board: but if he does succeed at getting on the board, we’ll file a suit against him personally which will have the effect of all but eliminating any chance of anything InterNACHI-unfriendly being adopted by the board. It will also be good publicity to remind real estate agents that there still exists a few zero-requirement diploma mill associations out there.

The President of the phony ASHI-led Kansas “coalition” claimed to have a dog named “Molly” who passed our test. You were provided evidencial sources, but did not sue. How come?