ASHI's Scott Patterson calls this one right...

ASTM Meeting details](

*This is a breakdown of what happened at the ASTM meeting. *

*Well, the motion to initiate an ASTM standard for home inspectors was defeated by a vote of about 109 to 53 (it was hard to hear the exact vote results through the applause). There were three abstentions, one was the NAR representative. The meeting started on time with a little over 160 persons present. It began with Pat Picariello ( pronounced: “Pick-Ah-Rello”) first running through ASTM’s history, similar standards and the standard-creating procedures at ASTM. There was an hour+ long Q&A session led by Mr. Picariello. This began the sharing of positions which, as was expected, all of NAHI was in favor of ASTM standards and everyone else was against. A few sarcastic jabs were exchanged amongst the attendees but mostly, the majority just wanted to get the vote over with. *

*The most damaging points that were voiced were that Mr. Picariello admitted that the “Producers” (home inspectors) would make up a minority of the persons populating the committees and the voting members; Real Estate Agents, Architects, Engineers, Lenders, HVAC Contractors, Plumbers, etc would outnumber the inspectors. Second, adoption of these standards by state legislatures or real estate organizations’ contracts would create an opening for poor/inexperienced inspectors to enter the marketplace doing home inspections to ASTM standards. Also, ASTM would charge inspectors for the use of these standards and all associated forms; forms that could be specialized to various areas/subjects. *
*Lunch went from Noon to 1:20 PM. *

*Further explanation of the hierarchy of committees within the proposed standards-creating groups was explained by Mr. Picariello. At 1:50 PM, a motion was taken from the floor to proceed with the ASTM standard process which was seconded and initiated a comment period from the attendees. This is where the impassioned arguments commenced. By a margin greater than 2 to 1, speakers, including Frank Lesch, Don Norman, Marv Goldstein, and Nick Gromicko, argued that the standards that each of the national organizations maintain are well honed and serve the public much more positively than could an ASTM standard. *

*There was a couple of “kum bay yah” speeches from the NAHI members; one of which was surreptitiously stifled by the attendees shouts and moans. FYI: Nick Gromicko actually received the loudest applause for his speech on voting against the standard. The vote was taken by paper ballot. Several members asked repeatedly to have association rep’s observe the ballot counting which was dismissed with a disgusted look by Mr. Picariello but I noticed that there were members watching the counting. The results were announced after Mr. Picariello thanked the attendees for coming and participating in this “emotional” vote. The meeting dissolved immediately. *


Was Scott present at the ASTM Meeting?

No, not personally, at least I didn’t see him there. Even more to his credit in regard to his brief though.

I do not recall seeing him there. The article is written as if he was in attendance. Who wrote the article for Scott?

He has less credibility from my view IF He has Claimed and/or suggested to Observe a Meeting that he did Not Attend.

Thanks Scott.

He says

but he doesn’t say he was there personally. It sounds like a compilation of ASHI board member notes, but who knows. All I’m saying is the account is accurate (especially the loudest applause for Nick Gromicko’s speech part :cool: ;)).

Do you agree it is accurate?

There are inaccuracies in what Scott describes as “His” observations.

I am Curious as to Who wrote the Article for him as HE has taken credit for the Post.

Joe, tell your franchises not to freak out, that they are going to get what they want (unified SOP) afterall. Can’t say much more than that at this time.

the account is accurate (especially the loudest applause for Nick Gromicko’s speech part :cool: ;)). quote]

No surprise there!
The Voice of the Inspection Industry!
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Scott said in the original post at that he did not attend the meeting:

Original post here indicated that he was present. I did not recall seeing Scott at the meeting.

ASTM Meeting details](* by Scott Patterson*

Post here has since been Edited.

I did not view the post on the AR website.

Does anyone know who authored it?…eeting-details

Scott just has added this

to the bottom of his post at

Joe H: I edited my post and removed “by Scott Paterson” when I realized those couldn’t have been Scott’s own words.

Scott subsequently altered his post on the AR website when questioned as to the validity of his posting.

Nice posts BUT to be accurate:

For general conversation - NACHI, ASHI and NAHI all have SOP. Most of which are fairly similar. Each one of the 3 have areas they outshine the other groups in AND areas they lag behind in. TAREI, CREIA, FABI, etc, etc, etc also all have State SOP. Some things good - some things not good.

How does it translate to - that IF the ASTM group had put together a SOP, it would mean that poor/inexperienced inspectors could harm or enter the marketplace because they do inspections by ASTM’s standards. One thought doesn’t lead to the other conclusion.

AND if anybody is foolish enough to think that NACHI, ASHI, NAHI, TAREI, CREIA, FABI, etc, etc, etc don’t have our own share of poor or inexperienced inspectors that enter the marketplace - and can harm to the public because they try and do inspections by OUR RESPECTIVE standards and don’t have a clue - **OR **have never read OUR standards - OR shortcut OUR standards - shame on you for being so naive.

Just to be even more accurate, TAREI (Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors) has no SOP. TREC is the state licensing authority in Texas and does have a statewide SOP.

Michael -

Good point. We out of Texas inspectors confuse TAREI with TREC, just like many people confuse real estate agents with Realtors.

Dan is correct, an SOP is only as good as the inspector using it, and our SOPs are similar. It is the little “me too!” association out of Minneapolis that has the “odd man out” COE. Perhaps ASTM could work with them on fixing their COE.