Another Association With Money & Power Wants to Fix Our Profession!

ASTM International to Hold Organizational Meeting for New Activity on Inspection of Residential Dwellings](

It appears that our profession is in for a big change, is anyone from NACHI attending this meeting, if not I suggest that Gerry Beaumont be recruited to represent NACHI as soon as possible.

Joe Great find I agree we need to stay in touch and try to know what there thoughts and ideas are.

Did you send this to NICK… Roy Cooke

Probably only a worry for unlicensed states.


What is your relationship with ASHI with their backing of the Florida HI bill and their upcoming events to raise money for them??

It seems to me that you might be serving two masters and I do realize that they might be using you but some how I see a problem

Set me straight if I am off base



My business is my own, I owe you nothing, kiss my ***!


LOL. Not hardly.

Read their commercial standards and see how bland they are. They have a section that even spells out how, if the client and inspector agree to modify the standard in any manner, they may do as they see fit…applying some of it or all of it, as they wish.

It’s worthless.

WTF is your problem with that???

You don’t do much commercial if you don’t see some benefit in ASTM 2018

On February 19, 2007, ASTM International (ASTM) will hold an Organizational Meeting for a new standards development activity on Inspection of Residential Dwellings. The meeting will take place in conjunction with the Annual Conference of the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI), and will be held at the Riviera Hotel & Casino, 2901 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 (phone: 702/794-9412; The meeting will commence at 9:00 a.m. and adjourn at approximately 4:00 p.m. NOTE: There is no fee to attend this meeting.

Funny who’s convention it’s being held at.

I have no problem with it. I am simply pointing out that a standard that allows itself to be ignored when convenient is no standard. It is simply a “guideline”. That’s all.

Easy Tiger

Yes, ASTM E2018-01 allows the inspector to tailor their inspection and subsequent report to both market conditions and the needs of the client.

I believe this is both uplifting and enterprising in that the inspector is no longer forced to inspect to a strict SoP and is allowed to create inspection products for niche markets.

For instance a large part of my business has become Insurance & foreclosure inspections which at this time are not performed to any standard.

Furthermore, I can envision how a cafeteria standard like ASTM E2018-01 would be beneficial in regards to New Construction, Warranty and Pre-Sale inspections for both the inspector and the client. Bottom line is we should be allowed to sell what people want (market driven) and not be forced to provide inspection services just because some arbitrary SoP demands them.

Not to bust your chops too much, but using your logic of being able to change/ignore the standards at will thus making them useless and nothing more than guidelines, could be applied to the NACHI SoP as well. Section 1.1 allows for the same scenario.

Hi to all,

Joe, my time scale would not allow me to go, also I think that if NACHI had the foresight to send somebody that it should be Joe F, and maybe Joe Ferry.




Too bad, I know that you are already a member of ASTM. I just reciently joined ASTM but my other commitments would preclude me from attending and representing NACHI.

Great idea, I believe Joe Farsetta would be a fine NACHI representitive for this meeting, maybe he would be willing to attend.


The stated purpose of this ASTM meeting is to establish standards
that everyone can agree on.

…“the need to evolve the current standards of practice (SOPs) for this industry”

Will the new and evolved ideas become just another “arbitrary
SOP”, as you say?

BTW… it has been shown that SOP, in any state that are not enforced,
quickly erode into suggestions that are ignored.

Will these new NAHI and ASTM ideas amount to anything in Texas
law? If not… it’s nothing but hot air and an excuse to visit
Las Vegas…

How about other states? Do they care about some NAHI and ASTM
meeting in a Las Vegas hotel? If a tree fell in the woods and no one
heard it, did it make a noise?

Who is behind the politics of this meeting and who is seeking to
advance what agenda?

It sounds like much ado about nothing, to create more SOP that
will be adjusted and ignored by each person in the end anyway…
as ASTM has already stated.

In French, this is called La Bull****

Why don’t we all inspect to our own SOP, that we make up on
the fly… so we can deceive ourselves into a free market with
no rules but our own… ?

Hello, is anyone home?

Joe B and Jim B,

Joe’s assessment points out the beauty of such a standard, while Jim points out that the standard is fairly open to interpretation. The fact that 2810 states that one can do more, or less, than what is included and still be in compliance begs the question as to what sort of standard is it, really.

That being said, I’d go to the conference, or Nick can go. Why, however, after all this time ASTM chooses NOW to develop a standard is interesting.

Other interesting thing in 2810 states that the client decides if his inspector is qualified or not (as it should be, IMO).

I guess ASTM is trying to take the organizational politics out of the equation. Perhaps this effort is being pushed with states enacting licensing. But, with all HI association SOPs being similar, one still needs to wonder.

To Joe B’s point, if a client only wants a limited 4-point inspection, and the parties agree to it, it can still be considered ASTM compliant, so long as the parties agree, in advance.

It is a Scumbag NAHI move as they realize they are becoming obsolete, so they are trying to make themselves relevant with a new SOP.

As for ASTM… they are many years too late. Our industry already has SOPs that are referenced in law, recognized by courts, relied on by insurance companies, written into software, pointed to by the real estate industry, published everywhere and used by tens of thousands of inspectors already.

ASTM and Scumbag NAHI are also announcing that they are working on a new transportation tool that is perfectly round and rolls.

Has anyone read the ASTM commercial standards? If not, here they are in a sentence:

“If you and the client agree to whatever… fine by us.”

Why don’t we have a big meeting in Las Vegas so everyone
will see us, the “Heavy Hitters”, as the true leaders of the
industry. Let’s create a noble reason for this meeting so
everyone will think we really care.

BTW… while everyone is admiring us for putting together
such a big parade, we can sell stuff, rent tables, and give out
token recognition speeches to our new Lemmings.

I love big events where people admire me, it makes me
feel good about my insecurities and feelings of being

Hey my name is NAHI and we can invite ASTM.
They will help me look bigger than what I am.

All those with the same problem will want to be
there too, so they can be part of the ground floor,
of the new movement, to establish big leaders
in the industry. We can all pretend to be important

My name is NAHI.

Do you think anyone will find out I got cheap rates
and receive kick backs from the Las Vegas hotel?

Hey, half the people will come just because it’s
Las Vegas anyway… our meeting is scheduled
right after the Roswell UFO convention.

My name if NAHI.

(being absurd, to illustrate the absurd)