Scumbag NAHI hits new low at ASTM meeting yesterday.

Despite NACHI, ASHI, AII, CREIA, and others all joining together in force to try to stop Scumbag NAHI from turning over our SOP and our industry’s fate to the realtors/builders (ASTM gives one vote of control over the new home inspection SOP for each person who pays them $75… and we all know which industry realtor/builder vs home inspection has the most money)… Scumbag NAHI pulled a trick right out of my uncle’s communist party playbook. ASTM promised to let scumbag NAHI’s unholy proposal die yesterday if we could muster the votes (ASTM uses a majority vote of the people in the room) to oppose it. All associations, including the largest national association, the second largest national association, the largest state association and many others (except for scumbag NAHI) all voted against giving away control of our industry. You would think we would have won the vote… but we lost.

Scumbag NAHI, who held the meeting in a room next to their convention and who intentionally kept the meeting secret from NACHI and ASHI and AII and CREIA and others, then packed the back of the room with their own cronies from next door just minutes before the vote was taken…a scumbag move that would have made even my great uncle, Andrei Gromyko, minister of Soviet foreign affairs for nearly 30 years, blush and squirm. A scumbag NAHI board member got up in NACHI member/NCE trainer/VAREI President Kenny Hart’s face about him sitting next to me and the AII President, but he soon found out that gettin’ up in Kenny’s face ain’t too smart of an idea. They also falsely announced that they had the support of the major reporting software companies too. But Russell Buchanan (HomeGauge) later informed us that he was never contacted regarding the issue and scumbag NAHI banned Porter Valley Software (makers of InspectVue) from the event altogether. It was the most unAmerican thing I’ve ever seen. I thought I was behind the Iron Curtain for a moment. What will scumbag NAHI do for their next “look at us, we’re relevant too!” stunt? Urinate on the American flag?

I commend ASHI, CREIA and AII for fighting so valiantly (AII President/NACHI member Byron Duerksen gave the best speech in opposition IMHO). And I thank the leadership of those groups for treating me with respect and kindness in Las Vegas. I consider many of you to be my new friends.

NACHI was represented at the almost secret scumbag NAHI/ASTM meeting by V.P. Dr.Keith Swift and Founder Nick Gromicko.

Scumbag NAHI is too affectionate of a term, Nick.

How in the heck did they manage to get 60 people to show up to their convention, anyway? Is that a record?

Hi Nisk,Im new to this game,how is going to affect us HI’s? Ken

Hi Nick, I’m new to this game,how is this going to affect us HI’s? Ken

Under ASTM rules, since we were unable to quash it by vote at the first meeting (which would have killed it there and prevented NAR, trial lawyers, and the home builders association from getting involved), a next meeting to go forward will be scheduled. I moved that it should held next to the NACHI convention at the same time as the NACHI convntion and that a new vote be taken next to hundreds of my members… but ASTM promised it will be at a neutral location next time. Looks like we’re in for a long battle to keep scumbag NAHI from giving our industry away to the agents and builders.

Keep us posted we will be there in NUMBERS!

That’s just plain evil. :frowning:

How about we file a class action lawsuit against the leaders personally?

Just a thought. I have a sister who’s an lawyer, you know the black sheep in the family. Makes me think like that sometimes. could work though…


How did NAHI get the clout to create mayhem for NACHI, ASHI and CREIA combined?

Erol Kartal
Pro Inspect

Although ASHI had a fair share of Officers, BOD, Members and Past Officers to talk against this proposal - When the vote went down a fair share of the ASHI Members in the room voted to proceed forward.

The ASTM standards will probably not come to fruition in the near future. If and when they do get drawn up, they will not be accepted by any licensed states quickly, if at all. In unlicensed/unregulated states why care???

Can someone point me to a widely used ASTM construction standard. I am familar with ASTM, ANSI, AWS,API, construction standards but can not recall an ASTM standard to inspect to.

What is the main thrust of the new SoP?
Do they want less reporting and less narative?
Do they want more specific and exhaustive inspections?

What do they want and why? Who will profit?
Follow the money.

ASTM wants to sell standards John, and get more members.

I can see that… but what does NAR and the home builders want?
What’s the agenda of those using ASTM as the vehicle to get
what they want?

They want some of the control back they have lost and or are losing in States that have SOP’s and licensing.

Brian, ASTM have standards covering many areas of component evaluation and standards of evaulation related to Commercial buildings & IAQ issues to name but two. They are not exactly novices when it comes to standards of inspection.

For Eample:

  • E 1368-05 Standard Practice for Visual Inspection of Asbestos Abatement Projects
  • E 1527-05 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I ESA Process
  • E 1528-06 Standard Practice for Limited Environmental Due Diligence: Transaction Screen Process
  • E 1903-97 Standard Guide for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase II ESA Process
  • E 2018-01 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process
  • E 2308-05 Standard Guide for Limited Asbestos Screens of Buildings
  • E 2356-04 Standard Practice for Comprehensive Building Asbestos Surveys
  • E 2418-06 Standard Guide for Readily Observable Mold and Conditions Conducive to Mold in Commercial Buildings: Baseline Survey Process



Does anyone use these standards?
None or these are “Construction Inspection” standards Gerry.

It looks a lot like that toothless Euro/ISO 9000 crap to me that was sold to industry a while back. Made auditors a lot of money but did not seem to improve any manufacturing/construction practices or efficiencies.

Brian, what definition of construction inspection are you using? I would say that most of what I posted applies 2018-01 most certainly does. Plus just about every installed product in a home has an ASTM std that defines it’s correct installation, those standards are also referenced in IRC, IBC and most other codes.



Well, in any case, it looks like we’re in for another fight.

We have been successful in the past, and we will be that way again.

Keep up the good work and keep us informed.