Ask Mike Crow.

Is this how Condo Bob became so successful?

Tiny Ads Chris. Tiny Ads!!!

Let’s hope Bob’s doing okay today!

I went to Mike’s 3 hour free seminar. Started the program. Canceled the program as I was to busy to implement his program.

A lot of stuff Mike says is repetitive. He has good ideas, I used a few of his report writing techniques. (I still prefer using North/South)

Th Big Bang marketing program is what you make out of it.

I must say the candy bowls are poor quality as I gave them to my wife for candy and fruit but she tossed out as the rim had sharp edges.

Mike is making lots of money, has been very successful at the Home Inspection Business.

If I did all that Mike suggest I would need to hire at least 2 people.

For someone whom is a single inspection firm and wants to make the step to a multi inspector firm I think Mikes program would be a huge benefit.

I think his program needs some guidelines/steps as there is a lot of material to cover.

Questions for ask Mike.

What is the best way to go from a single inspector firm to a multi inspector firm?

I was recently at a couple of conferences for inspectors and they reminded me of this Question and Answers…

With that said i still need to work on learning this system better. Your advice is appreciated… just because i know marketing backwards and forwards doesn’t mean i know how to use this forum completely.

So go ahead and throw me a question and let’s see what we can do to help some more folks -

I am planning one last tele-class in Jan to help explain more about Big Bang Marketing and reworking your brochures to turn them into better marketing tools. This is free to everyone that is part of InterNachi

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