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Post: Ask Mike Crow.
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Posted by: jjonas
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Sorry we do not Monitor other Memebers

Don’t be such a little whining b i t c h Mikey. We’ll get some better hair pics from Vegas. Bob should get us some good ones.:stuck_out_tongue:

…nor moderate them.

Just to keep you happy moderate any members or their postings. Ok Larry?

…but keep monitoring Wayne.

4 total post and 1 is reporting another post.

damn sharp observation there sunshine, no wonder you’re an inspector ;~))

Damn… and I thought he would be flattered to be likened to The King of Sales, MR. Ron Popeil!!!

Thats your hero! Doesn’t he sell food products Jeff?:smiley:

He sells (sold) anything from the “Pocket Fisherman” to the “Chop-O-Matic” to “Good Looking Hair”. When talking about TV salesmen, Ron Popeil was Billy Mays and many others idol (wink-wink)!!! ;-):wink:

Are you seeing the connection Sean ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

and did he not cut hair with a vacuum


thanks Mike now I can carry on

Whoa Dennis… it’s been reincarnated…

There is a point in there somewhere?

I just corrected a misconception.

none the less if ronco did not make it, I’m out

I finally have proof that they are the same person.

Mike says Hi from Vegas. (p.s) I found that spray can in the garbage after he left):slight_smile:

well then back to the vacuum cutting