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This thread for friends of Mike Crow.

Mike, can you post your upcoming schedule for us?

MIke can I take your picture next time I see you at a meeting?

Mike, who does your hair?


the schedule is quite full and i look forward to meeting several of you…
10 2 to 10-6 in Vegas at the COA conference
10-12 CREIA chapter in San Fran
10-15 San Antonio at the Champions Real Estate School
10-21 1 Day of Secrets Revealed in Atlanta with Stan Granett
10-27 for a great conference in Melbourne, FL - the InterNachi event

You can email DreamTeam@MikeCrow for details on any of these dates

Sounds interesting - of course i could break a camera if you aren’t carefull - especially a thermal one - look forward to it

What is your number 1 questions about Marketing - especially while i am on the road i will try to answer some of these questions

Also feel free to share your number 1 marketing secret to help those that are part of this board…

Mike, in your travels, do you find technically strong inspectors who believe that they’re so good that they “shouldn’t have to market?” I’m always perplexed when someone tells me that one our programs is “just a marketing gimmick.” I’ve even heard InterNACHI members come out of your class and proclaim “ah, it was just a lot of marketing stuff.” I’ve been involved in many different businesses and it has been my experience that the home inspection industry has a disproportionately larger percentage of individuals that turn their nose up at marketing. Has this been what you’ve experienced as well? And if so, can you speak to that?

Some members market when they are doing well and have extra profits to reinvest in their inspection businesses, but then reduce marketing efforts during slow times. Would you say that this is backwards?

Nick, IMO market when your doing well and market when your slow. The only time I would slow down is when my marketing is keeping me so busy that now I’m having to turn business away. IMO once you start turning business away your rep could take a hit.

Why would we want to help our competition?

One word** “Referrals”**

One right after the other…

Dale -

Our key to marketing is our special offer / 5 FREE defects per house.

Agents jump on that BIG TIME.

You guys are cracking me up.
I showed this to a few guys here in Vegas and we were spiting up our drinks.
Mr Crowe is here so should I try and take his picture? :slight_smile:
I do not wish to be arrested.

Nick, you are absolutely correct - in this industry more than others people don’t understand the power of marketing. this used to be true for dentists, doctors, and lawyers, then of course those that learned marketing dominate the market place and make lots of money - and even better hopefully help lots of people.

There are always going to be people that just want things to happen without putting out the effort. You and I both know we work hard to be where we are - all the successful people understand that - and the smart ones learn what to work hard on and that just as honestly as i can say it is marketing.

Even better once you understand this - just like i train others to do the inspections - i now train others to do the marketing for my inspection business and we continue to grow even in this “ugly economy”

Great Question… my suggestion is to look for the winners that want to be part of a great group that get it and be visible enough so they can find you. You do this better than most…

Be Successful and Be around Those That Are Successful…
Mike Crow

Dale is absolutely correct - it is why i created a presentation on “10 ways to get 10 more referrals per month… Guaranteed” If inspectors did just these there business would double in the next year. Figure a 10% increase for each system.

Dale - thanks for sharing

Tell me more - i am not sure i understand what you are saying…

Marketing is regional. What works in some areas does not in others.

Here in KC, if you are $199 on any size home with termite, write 3-page reports listing only three to five defects, you have all the business you can handle.

If you are a certified master inspector, have countless letters beside your name, have 30+ page reports and charge $450 or more, your are starving.

Oh, and radon testing is only $75 extra. “There is a guy in my office that has an electronic device of some kind that can get you radon results in under 48 hours, and can give you back the fee if he does the mitigation”.

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