Mike Crow's Show

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Sure here is a quick thought.
Explain to the rank and file what is missing from www.nachi.org that they need to pay $300 for.

Perhaps Nick is leaving out something important and has dropped the ball ?

After all you already give them marketing tips,have Bam dashboard for CRM and supply them with links.

Dom has the best SEO tips all free.

When I last saw his seminar in Chicago…I was surprised that he and his ego were able to fit in the same room. He kept singing his praises how other inspectors viewed himself. He even stopped his lecture to hand slap Bob Elliott.


I went last year on a free ticket from a vendor. There was a lot of koolaid drinking going on. I picked up a few good ideas. I personally can’t stand listening to him for a number of reasons. That said, what works for me might not work for you.

I was not going to bring that up Jeff …lol
Some swear by him so everything is expectations.

All I did was take a picture (which I always do at events) and he did lecture me that I was stealing his business.:slight_smile:

He may have been having a bad day as I do not hold grudges.

My take is the full experience comes from residual monthly fees for the process which of course none of us can comment on unless we paid for it so comments will always be positive from those that are paying or they would not be doing so.

Not sure if I recall any past MC members speaking negatively so perhaps he has a place.
(they could be in a river or lake I guess)

Nate, you could imagine I might chime in…:twisted:

You and I were off to a pretty good start meeting at the conference in AC last spring. Then you suggested I look into Mike Crow and you know the rest.

Found the whole thing totally cheeseball to the max!
“The Vault of Secrets”:roll:

Come on! Share with us just one of the “secrets” from that vault that will blow our socks off?

Maybe just one sock?

Some may like MC. But not me.

Good thing about a cheeseball is that it spreads well. That cheese has oozed into all aspects of my business, not just my marketing :slight_smile:

Tell us about the details of the chesse pleaze?

You’ve decided it’s not for you which is cool.

I have given a personal testimonial more than once that I have achieved a positive ROI.

I’ve have achieved nothing but positive results, and have not met one of his members that implements what they’ve learned that is not doing well.

As for the cheesiness…are you telling me you can only learn from someone only if they present their message in a manner that is pleasing to you?

Come on Troy, just let in on one of the “Vault of Secrets”?

Have I told you that?
I didn’t think so…

Mike Crow presents his message in a manner akin to a late, late, late night tv ad.

And it’s working for him I guess. Paying for his house and cars etc.

As you pointed out his thing is not everyones…:wink:

You said in a previous thread that you sampled some of his stuff and wasn’t impressed. There’s your secret, you know what your are doing without anyone else’s help. That’s is something to be proud of, good job!

Yeah, lets get real.

There is no secret content to “Vault of Secrets”. K?

100% increase in business this year. 200 to 400 inspections.

That’s real enough for me. K


You can check out, but you can never leave.

Was that mostly from the 0730 class we took Wednesday morning? :smiley:

Fist bump :slight_smile:

Due to what?

You’ve been rocking the marketing on your own.
You started off that way.

If you provide a good service and let folks know you are
providing that service in a persistent way then you will
grow your business!

That is from my “Super Ultra Vault of Top Secrets!”

Gratis BTW!

Well the good thing is we both found something that works for them. I wish you nothing but success.

Just another scammer going after vulnerable new home inspectors. Some fall for it, some don’t.